June 20, 1997: 20th Anniversary Mac Ships

If you were to ask people to describe a slim desktop computer with integrated an integrated monitor and speakers they'd likely point you in the …(read more)

June 19, 2000: Steve Wozniak Inducted Into Inventing Hall of Fame

The accolades Steve Wozniak deserves will never be matched by the accolades he actually receives. That doesn't mean he will be omitted from the history …(read more)

June 18, 1993: Spindler Replaces Sculley

When John Sculley ousted Steve Jobs, Apple tried to keep Steve around as Chairman of the Board. So it was somewhat ironic that when John …(read more)

June 17, 1998: Top End PowerBooks Delayed

It might not seem surprising if you remember the delays with the 500 MHz G4 PowerMacs, the delays in getting a top end G5 when …(read more)

June 16, 2005: Michael Dell Says He Would Be Happy to License OS X

Everyone knows the big bad trio in Macland: Microsoft, Dell, and Intel. Well, scratch Intel. Still, the Dell name certainly evokes a large amount of …(read more)

June 15, 1993: eWorld Opens for Mac Users

It seems ridiculous now but, at one time, being a popular dial-up destination was like printing cash. As the popularity of using dial ups grew, …(read more)

June 14, 1971: The First Woz-Built Computer Catches Fire

Steve Wozniak is renowned for his skill at taking spare parts and turning them into functional computers. But before he had access to discarded parts, …(read more)

June 13, 2003: Microsoft Halts Development of Internet Explorer for the Mac

When Bill Gates showed up on the big screen supporting Apple at MacWorld-Boston expo 1997, one of the things Microsoft got for the appearance was …(read more)

June 12, 1998: Apple’s Long Forgotten Radio Ads Begin Airing

Apple television ads provide fodder for pundits to over analyze and over criticize. Apple's radio ads, on the other hand, were much less widely known …(read more)

June 11, 2002: Switcher Campaign Begins Airing

For those who don't remember the "Switch Ads," the drill was as follows: a former PC user stood against a white background and explained why …(read more)

June 10, 2000: Gassee Bashes Microsoft

When Apple ousted Steve Jobs, many of his duties eventually came under the purview of John-Louis Gassee. Eventually, like Steve Jobs, Gassee was ousted by …(read more)

June 9, 2000: Apple, TWBAChiatDay Win Award for “Think Different” Campaign

The "Think Different" campaign might not have been grammatically correct but it was well received. The ads featured luminaries such as Ghandi, Francis Ford Coppola …(read more)