June 20, 1997: 20th Anniversary Mac Ships

by Chris Seibold Jun 20, 2011

If you were to ask people to describe a slim desktop computer with integrated an integrated monitor and speakers they'd likely point you in the direction of the nearest iMac. The truth is that the iMac wasn't the first time Apple tried to make a super stylish LCD based desktop computer.

That honor goes to the 20th Anniversary Macintosh. In order to properly celebrate the event Apple went all out in designing a computer with plenty of forward looking features. The previously mentioned integrated LCD speaker and vertical CD-ROM drive are all replicated on the 2005 iMacs. Production of the very forward-looking computer was limited to a seemingly arbitrary 12,000 machines.

While the 20th Anniversary Mac was announced in May it didn't start shipping to those who could afford the $7,500 price tag until June 20, 1997.


  • What machine is this?  Pic?  Specs?  I’m relatively new to Apple and you have me interested now.

    sydneystephen had this to say on Jun 20, 2006 Posts: 124
  • austin_dean had this to say on Jun 20, 2006 Posts: 1
  • Wow. Is it that long ago? I remember wanting one since it was so B&O (Bang & Olufsen) cool. It is still stylist although much under-powered to today’s baseline standard. They would be a nice piece alongside the original Mac AIO and Lisa in a Mac museum.

    Robomac had this to say on Jun 20, 2006 Posts: 846
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