June 8, 1984: Thunderscan

In the early days of the Mac, things that seem positively cheap today were prohibitively expensive. Scanners, to cite but one example. Luckily for Mac …(read more)

June 7, 1993: Apple Introduces the PowerBook 180c

The PowerBook 180c wasn't the first Mac laptop with a color screen. That dubious honor goes to the 165c, but it was the first PowerBook …(read more)

June 6, 2001: Steve Jobs: Hero

There are a ton of big names in the computer industry but one of the biggest is Larry Ellison. Like Gates and Jobs, the founder …(read more)

June 5, 1977: Apple Introduces Apple II

The Apple I was an interesting toy for hobbyists but far too technical for the masses. The founders of Apple felt that a more approachable …(read more)

June 4, 2002: Apple Offers eMac for Everyone, Not Just Education

When Apple introduced the G4 powered Sunflower iMac people were impressed, at least until they saw the $1,299 price tag. Those who couldn't stomach the …(read more)

June 3, 1969: Woz Leaves College to Return to Bay Area

When Steve Wozniak went to college the first time, he opted for the University of Colorado in Boulder. His chosen course of study? Electrical engineering …(read more)

June 2, 1997: Steve Jobs Sells All His Shares of Apple (Again)

As part of the compensation when Apple purchased NeXT, Steve Jobs received a huge number of Apple shares. Not long after Steve took ownership of …(read more)

June 1, 1979: Apple Introduces Apple II+

The Apple II+ was Apple Computer's first blockbuster product. While the original Apple II sold reasonably well, the Apple II+ sold like crazy. Looking at …(read more)

May 31, 1985: Steve Jobs is Ousted

After Steve Jobs' failed coup, Jobs had an odd suggestion for Sculley. Jobs proposed, with a straight face, that he be appointed President and Chief …(read more)

May 30, 1999: Apple Users Get Paid to Fix Floor Models

There had been a longstanding problem for Macs in the retail environment known as Sears and that problem was neglect. With the vast majority of …(read more)

May 29, 1979: Mac Concept Committed to Paper

Mike Markkulahad asked Jef Raskin if he was interested in developing a $500 game machine. Jef wasn't interested in that type of product but he …(read more)

May 28, 2002: Mac Market Share Could Double!

When OS X was first launched the focus wasn't on getting Windows users to come over to the Mac or even on getting more people …(read more)