June 18, 1993: Spindler Replaces Sculley

by Chris Seibold Jun 18, 2011

When John Sculley ousted Steve Jobs, Apple tried to keep Steve around as Chairman of the Board. So it was somewhat ironic that when John Sculley was ousted, Apple tried to keep him around as Chairman of the Board. Sculley hated the powerless position as much as Jobs did in 1985.

Who did the board pick to replace Sculley? Michael Spindler. Spindler was nicknamed the Diesel for his aggressive approach but he was also known for hiding under his desk to avoid unpleasant confrontations. A man of contradictions, to say the least.

While the Spindler reign is regarded as the absolute nadir of the Apple presidency, he did oversee the transition from the 680 x 0 chips to the PowerPC. Spindler replaced the powerless Sculley on this day in 1993.


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