June 17, 1998: Top End PowerBooks Delayed

by Chris Seibold Jun 17, 2011

It might not seem surprising if you remember the delays with the 500 MHz G4 PowerMacs, the delays in getting a top end G5 when they were first revealed, or the constant shortages of iPods for the first few years of their existence, but at one time, when Apple released a product it was usually readily available.


The exception to this rule was the high end G3 PowerBook code named WallStreet. The problem was the (for the time) expensive, LCD 14.1" monitor. Apple's supplier couldn't get the beauties out. Customers could get other PowerBooks but for those who demanded the best, there was going to be a wait.


Apple was forced to notify customers who ordered the expensive (and profitable) machine that their PowerBook wouldn't be coming anytime soon. Their method of contact? The good old U.S. mail. Apple resorted to snail mail and early adopters started getting their letters on June 17, 1998.


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