July 3, 1991: IBM Promises to License RISC Processor to Apple

In the early nineties Apple needed a new processor and IBM wanted a new OS. Apple was working on a project called Pink, which more …(read more)

July 2, 1987: The Canon Cat, the Original Mac Concept, is Released

When Jef Raskin started the Mac project he had high hopes for a low cost machine. When Steve Jobs came on board their vision clashed …(read more)

July 1, 1970: Xerox Opens PARC

Most computer fans have heard of Xerox PARC (Palo Alto research Center). It is the place where, in exchange for being allowed to purchase a …(read more)

June 30, 1999: TV Guide Names “1984” Ad As the Best Television Ad of All Time

The "1984" ad is often said to have been played only once during the 1984 SuperBowl. That bit of common wisdom is in error. The …(read more)

June 29, 1998: Glenn Reid Tastes the Apple

In the olden days Apple programmers were exalted with such niceities as placing their name on the mold for the original Mac or getting some …(read more)

June 28, 2004: Apple Introduces New Displays

Apple had been selling LCD monitors exclusively since 2001 but even with the all panel lineup the monitors were in need of an update. Out …(read more)

June 27, 1983: Apple Sells Millionth Apple II

After Steve Wozniak completed the Apple I he immediately saw areas for improvement. His compulsion to improve the computer led directly to the Apple II. …(read more)

June 26 , 1996: Steve Capps Leaves Apple for Microsoft

Steve Capps isn't a household name among Mac fans but it probably should be. In 1981 Steve started working at Apple and began his tenure …(read more)

June 25, 1985: Bill Gates Proposes Mac Licensing in a Memo to Apple

If the Mac has ever had a bigger fanboy than Bill Gates it is unclear who it was. In the days before the release of …(read more)

June 23, 2003: Apple Introduces the G5

It was hailed as both the "fastest personal computer ever" and the "first 64 bit personal computer." Both claims were debatable but Mac users were …(read more)

June 22, 1999: Microsoft Not a Monopoly Because of Apple

Every one hates a monopoly, well any monopoly except the iPod/iTunes store. Monopolistic companies know they are disliked and while they might like to tell …(read more)

June 21, 2000: Apple Splits

Riding the success of the iMac and the internet bubble Apple's stock was way up from the lows of the nineties. In fact, the stock …(read more)