May 27, 1981: Apple Offers Second Block Shares to the Public

Apple went public in December 1980. If you were an employee with founder shares it was quite likely you were a millionaire after the initial …(read more)

May 26, 2004: Apple Starts an iPod Division

When Apple first introduced the iPod it was an extension of their "digital hub" strategy whereby a Mac would act as the center of all …(read more)

May 25, 1981: The Mac Gets a Mass Produced Circuit Board

The first Mac was a hand wired prototype made by Burrell Smith out of items he found lying around the Apple facility. The design worked, …(read more)

May 24, 1985: Jobs Fails to Oust Sculley

Then President John Sculley had received the okay from the Board of Directors to strip Steve Jobs of any real power inside Apple but hadn't …(read more)

May 23, 2005: Rumors Surface of Something Starting with Capital “I”

Little "i" was a well-known part of the overall Apple product paradigm. Everything from Steve Jobs' title after Amelio had been ousted (iCEO) to the …(read more)

May 22, 1997: Apple Spins Off the Newton Division

At one time the Newton, a largish Apple PDA, had Apple's hopes for the future pinned to the take anywhere device. Sales, as most remember, …(read more)

May 21, 2001: Apple Starts Selling Only LCD Monitors

With the introduction of the sunflower G4-based iMac it was obvious that Apple was heading away from clunky CRT monitors and towards flat panel goodness. …(read more)

May 20, 2001: The Apple Store Is One Day Old

When Apple first unveiled its plans for brick and mortar Apple stores, skeptics had a field day. There were plenty of good reasons to think …(read more)

May 19, 1980: Apple III. Worst. Apple. Ever.

The Apple III is likely the worst computer Apple ever produced. Not because of any inherent problem with the specifications. Compared with the competition the …(read more)

May 18, 1998: Microsoft Hit with Anti-trust Suit

In what would prove to be a four-year ordeal, Microsoft was slapped with an antitrust suit by the U.S. Justice Department and twenty states. Apple …(read more)

May 17, 1983: The Mac Misses (Another) Ship Date

Jef Raskin criticized Steve Jobs for having unreasonable expectations, especially when it came to how much time was realistic when undertaking a project. His criticism …(read more)

May 16, 1994: Apple Releases First Laptop with Trackpad

The PowerBook 500 series was notable for several reasons. The prices weren't unusual; the machines went from a semi-modest $2,270 to a wallet busting $4,840. …(read more)