June 28, 2004: Apple Introduces New Displays

by Chris Seibold Jun 28, 2011

Apple had been selling LCD monitors exclusively since 2001 but even with the all panel lineup the monitors were in need of an update. Out went translucent plastics and in came brushed aluminum. Also gone were the feet and support of the previous generation monitors. The new monitors featured an iMac G5-like support system.

Naturally, no introduction would be complete without some Apple flair, so while the 17" monitor was gone (replaced by a 20 inch version), Apple bumped the top size up to 30 inches. A 30-inch LCD monitor was a huge expanse of screen real estate and, at the time, it was necessary to buy a video card upgrade just to use the new monitor.

Mac fans got new look LCD monitors starting at $1,299 and going all the way up to $3,299 for the 30-inch model on June 28, 2004.


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