June 26 , 1996: Steve Capps Leaves Apple for Microsoft

by Chris Seibold Jun 26, 2011

Steve Capps isn't a household name among Mac fans but it probably should be. In 1981 Steve started working at Apple and began his tenure by making large contributions to the Lisa project. That wasn't enough for Steve and he moved over to the Macintosh project in 1983.

Since the Mac team had exactly one person (Bruce Horn) working on the finder and time was tight, Steve Capps jumped in to help get the project done. This, and other projects, earned Capps widespread respect at Apple and he was named an Apple Fellow and became Chief Architect of the Newton Project.

Steve Capps clearly bled Apple's rainbow colors so it was a sign of just how troubled Apple had become when he resigned from Apple. Steve got a new job when he started working on Microsoft MSN Explorer on June 24, 1996.


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