June 23, 2003: Apple Introduces the G5

by Chris Seibold Jun 23, 2011

It was hailed as both the "fastest personal computer ever" and the "first 64 bit personal computer." Both claims were debatable but Mac users were glad to see a computer based on an advanced chip in Apple's arsenal.

Apple chose to wrap the G5 in a huge brushed aluminum box. Users complained that the machine was too heavy, that the handles cut into their hands and that the front resembled a cheese grater. One thing they didn't complain about was the speed. The new G5 was much faster than the G4.

The G5, last (for now) in the line of PowerPCs of Apple machines was introduced on June 23, 2003.


  • I use one at my office, on the floor, with a generous display, and I am in Cybersphere heaven. Oh, those PC onlookers don’t realize all the Gflops under the hood - my G5 is so powerful, my fellow engineers think they are talking with another PC clone..Hah! if only they knew…;)

    Robomac had this to say on Jun 23, 2006 Posts: 846
  • I -love- my PowerMac G5.  While it is nearly five years old, it performs like some race car metaphor that is over my head.  I use it for Photoshop and for storing all of my music (pretty soon I will fill up my iPod Classic 160GB), my photos, and my video (there is a lot).  I will probably use it forever. 
    The only thing is that, when I bought it, I maxed the hard drive.  Who knew that I would need more memory?

    bluegirl had this to say on Jun 23, 2008 Posts: 19
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