June 27, 1983: Apple Sells Millionth Apple II

by Chris Seibold Jun 27, 2011

After Steve Wozniak completed the Apple I he immediately saw areas for improvement. His compulsion to improve the computer led directly to the Apple II. The problem was that the Apple II cost a lot more to produce than the Apple I. If the project were going to go anywhere the two Steves either needed to sell the computer to an existing corporation or find some capital.

After a few false starts the two Steves decided to go the venture capital route and Mike Markkula came on board. With funding in place, Apple was able to take a big gamble on the Apple II, a computer specifically designed to appeal to the masses.

Any doubts about the success of the Apple II were erased when Apple moved the millionth Apple II off the factory floor this month in 1983.


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