August 10, 2004: iTunes Hits Million Song Catalogue Mark

When Apple first released iTunes at the 2001 MacWorld San Francisco people saw the program as both a useful addition to the Mac software library …(read more)

August 9, 1987: HyperCard Released

Apple has overlooked a lot of potential hits over the years but one of the biggest mistakes was HyperCard. It was a new way of …(read more)

August 8, 2005: iTunes Is a Hit in Japan

iTunes rolled out in the United States in XXXX. Japan was a different matter. Apple was able to reach a deal with the music providers …(read more)

August 7, 1997: Bill Gates Appears at MacWorld

Gather a herd of Mac lovers in a centralized location, get Steve Jobs to do the keynote and you have a recipe for a lot …(read more)

August 6, 1997: Apple Board Shakeup

Looking at the list of Apple Presidents over the years, you'll note quite a bit of change. Starting with Michael Scott the position then went …(read more)

August 5, 1997: The Return of ChiatDay

When Steve Jobs was ousted from Apple, Chiat\Day soon followed. Obviously, feeling the move was a mistake Steve took out an ad saying that Apple …(read more)

August 4, 1997: Think Different Campaign Revealed

What do John Lennon, Picasso, Albert Einstein, Muhammad Ali and Ted Turner all have in common? They were all featured as people who, ungrammatically, "Thought …(read more)

August 3, 1993: Newton Debuts

Apple was counting on the Newton to replace the Mac as the company's primary source of income. Then President John Sculley had thrown all his …(read more)

August 2, 2005: Mighty Mouse Released

The debate about the one button mouse raged for years. Proponents claimed that the one button mouse was easier for novices to use and cited …(read more)

August 1, 1997: The Definitive Boston MacWorld

At one time MacWorld Boston was the summer edition of MacWorld. New product introductions, vendor booths, the whole Apple MacWorld feel but on the East …(read more)

July 31, 1982: Lisa Works for the First Time

The Mac's roots are often traced to Xerox PARC. The deepest roots undoubtably tap into the desktop metaphor Apple employees first saw on at the …(read more)

July 30, 1979: Lisa Project Gets Rolling

Trip Hawkins (of Electronic Arts fame) and Steve Jobs were looking for a machine that would be better than the Apple II. They came up …(read more)