March 8, 1997: System 7.7 Renamed Mac OS 8.0

When Gil Amelio was running the show at Apple, Mac clones were seen as something that would help Apple grow market share. When Steve Jobs …(read more)

July 18, 1994: Quadra 630 Introduced. Last of a Breed

The 680x0 processor by Motorola had served Apple well since the introduction of the original Mac based on a 8 MHz 68000. However, the elderly, …(read more)

Apple Matters 2.0, The Return of the Podcast

September 30: No More iTools (Suckers!)

The incentive to upgrade from OS 8 to OS 9 for the average consumer was questionable. Apple decided to sweeten the deal by offering a …(read more)

Gil Amelio Describes Proper Apple Management Style

A little over a year had passed since Gil Amelio had been ousted from Apple. While others saw it coming, Dr. Amelio wasn't one of …(read more)