July 29, 1993: Apple Introduces AV series of Computers

In the current computing climate the notion that you can get video from a source onto you computer is a given. That wasn't always the …(read more)

July 28, 1945: As We May Think Published in Atlantic Monthly

Vannevar Bush was a prescient guy, and an individual whose influence on computers was vast but remains underrated. Bush had this to say about computers:" …(read more)

July 26, 2005: Last iBook Introduced

When the first iBook was introduced it was clearly aimed at consumers, everything from the funky shape to the impossible to miss colors screamed that …(read more)

July 25, 1992: Woz Starts Teaching

If you're ever in the market for a Silicon Valley hero you could do a lot worse than picking Steve Wozniak as your model for …(read more)

July 24, 2000: Steve Jobs Predicts iMovie Will Be Bigger than Desktop Publishing

iMovie is a the ultimate example of once prohibitively expensive media democratized for the average person. Credit Glen Reid for the truly clever programming but …(read more)

July 23, 1981: Steve Jobs Perfectionism Is Displayed on the Original Mac Project

Steve Jobs has a many enviable qualities. His attention to detail, his ability to grasp what people actually want, his management style and presentation skills …(read more)

July 22, 1997: OS 8 Rolls Out

Mac OS 8 was interesting for more than OS advances. It was interesting because the OS was supposed to be the first apperance of the …(read more)

July 21, 1999: WiFi Introduced…By Apple

The iMac was a huge success for Apple. With a homerun like that, the question naturally arises "How can we repeat that with a laptop?" …(read more)

July 20, 1982: Hertzfeld Listens to Alan Kay

The programmer behind a lot of what was good about the original Macintosh was Andy Herzfeld. While Herzfeld had a rebel streak and couldn't abide …(read more)

July 19, 2000: Cube Introduced

The G4 cube was hailed by the media as a design breakthrough. There is little wonder why, the small form factor and convection cooling made …(read more)

July 17, 2002: Apple Kills iTools

If you were using iTools, Apple's suite of web enhancements used to help lure people into buying Mac OS 8, you got a nasty bit …(read more)

July 16, 1994: A Mac Does DOS

A Macintosh booting into Windows seems passe since the release of Boot Camp. Perhaps surprisingly, Boot Camp it isn't the first dual boot solution Apple …(read more)