August 4, 1997: Think Different Campaign Revealed

by Chris Seibold Aug 04, 2011

What do John Lennon, Picasso, Albert Einstein, Muhammad Ali and Ted Turner all have in common? They were all featured as people who, ungrammatically, "Thought Different" in Apple first marketing campaign post Steve Jobs return.

Te campaign attempted to make the Mac the computer of choice for those who thought outside the box and attempted to portray the fact that the Mac was a very distant second in the OS market as a positive.

Apple introduced the think different ads which would appear in print and on TV (with a voice over by Richard Dreyfuss) this week in 1997.


  • Mmmm, the “think different” slogan does not seem to be grammatically incorrect. It may be read as would be read “Think success” or “Think resolute”, and so on… Another way of looking at it is to imagine whatever comes after the verb ‘Think’ as between quotes, as in:
    Think “different”.

    jpmrb had this to say on Aug 05, 2007 Posts: 1
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