August 6, 1997: Apple Board Shakeup

by Chris Seibold Aug 06, 2011

Looking at the list of Apple Presidents over the years, you'll note quite a bit of change. Starting with Michael Scott the position then went to Mike Markkula. Markkula was succeeded by John Scully who was followed by Michael Spindler and Gil Amelio. Finally, Steve Jobs returned and stabilized the position.

While the position of CEO may have changed on a frequent basis, the Chairman of the Board position was a source of stability: Mike Markkula held the position since the beginning of Apple. The position wasn't surprising, not only did Mr. Markkula capitalize Apple with personal cash and loans, he was also responsible for writing Apple's first business plan.

The most constant thing about Apple changed when Steve Jobs managed to replace most of the board members of Apple with hand picked successors. Mike Markkula was out in Apple's biggest ever Board of Directors shakeup this week in 1997.


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