July 15, 1985: Aldus PageMaker Completed!

Most people with a bent for technology are aware how Xerox influenced Apple's development of the GUI. What many tech geeks are unaware of is …(read more)

July 14, 2002: Apple Previews Jaguar

In the great cavalcade of cat names the first one that really mattered was Jaguar, the code name for OS 10.2. The first iteration of …(read more)

July 13, 1994: PowerBook 150 Introduced

One of the first low cost PowerBooks introduced was the PowerBook 150. The price was nice but Apple made it clear that this wasn't the …(read more)

July 12, 1981: Mac Business Plan Goes Gold

The Mac's first business plan under the leadership of Steve Jobs was crudely produced but full of ambitious sales targets. Macs, the plan plainly stated, …(read more)

July 11, 2004: iTunes Hits 100 Million Songs Sold Mark

On July 11 Kevin Britten, a resident of Hays Kansas, did something wholly unremarkable, he downloaded a song from iTunes.While downloading a song from iTunes …(read more)

July 10, 1981: Michael Scott Leaves Apple

Apple's first President, Michael Scott, had lost any real power shortly after Black Wednesday. Yet former, President Scott stayed on the payroll in no small part …(read more)

July 9, 1997: Dr. Gil Amelio Resigns

When someone asks, "Who saved Apple?" the knee jerk reaction is to give all the credit to Steve Jobs. That answer leaves out a crucial …(read more)

July 8, 2004: Apple Stops Taking Orders for the iMac

The iMac, since its introduction, has been Apple's flagship product. The iMac generally features Apple's pro line chip at a consumer friendly price and, to …(read more)

July 7, 2001: G4 Cube Discontinued

The Power Mac G4 Cube was widely hailed as a great computer, pundits couldn't stop gushing about the convection cooled, positively tiny tissue box design. …(read more)

July 6, 2000: Goodbye Hockey Puck, Hello Pro Mouse

The original iMac brought a lot of nice things with it, increased market share, stylish looks and renewed profitability. With the good came some bad, …(read more)

July 5, 1997: Board asks Steve Jobs To Run Apple

Apple's board of Directors had given Gil Amelio the boot and they knew whom they wanted to take the newly vacated position. A part time …(read more)

July 4, 2001: Bill Tomerson Makes Worst iMovie Ever

On typically hot day in July, Bill Tomerson decided to break out his digital camcorder. Video was taken of Bill's five and seven year children …(read more)