MySpace to Sell DRM-Free Music

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Apple’s Coming Attractions

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It’s Showtime for Apple

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Free Legal Music Downloads

SpiralFrog, a new music download service, is scheduled to debut in December. The goal of SpiralFrog is to lure consumers away from similar services by …(read more)

Charges Against Chinese Journalists Lessened in Labor Dispute

It’s the type of announcement that makes journalists everywhere breathe a sigh of relief: Hongfujin Precision Industry Co., a maker of the omnipotent iPod, said …(read more)

iTunes Inspires Changes in Music Industry

Imagine a world where musicians keep the copyright to their music and make $5 or $6 per album sold instead the current $1 or $2. …(read more)

Apple Recalls 1.8 Million Batteries

Where there’s smoke, there’s… The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced the following recall Thursday: rechargeable, lithium-ion batteries with cells manufactured by Sony for …(read more)

MacBook in Demand

If you’ve recently placed an order for a MacBook, you might have to wait awhile to receive it. Apple has recently sent apology letters to …(read more)

Looking Into Apple’s Past May Negatively Impact Its Future

The investigation into Apple’s options continues and will now delay its third quarter report. An announcement was initially made by Apple Computer Inc. April 29 …(read more)

MacSmugness and Black Hat Security Breaches

According to a blog on, a couple of hackers claimed they could gain control of a MacBook in sixty seconds or less by using …(read more)

Is the New Mac Pro Really Cheaper than a Dell?

At the most recent WWDC the PowerMac’s successor, the Mac Pro, was announced. And with its debut came the assertion that it was actually cheaper …(read more)

Apple Among Top Three Companies Favored by Tech Recruits

The students have spoken: Apple Computer Inc. is ranked third in Research and Markets’ “8th Annual State of Student Recruiting Report (2006) - Industry Focus: …(read more)