Universal Calls MP3 Users Thieves

On Friday Chris Seibold wrote about a deal between Universal and Microsoft. He reported that Microsoft agreed to pay Universal a portion of the proceeds …(read more)

MSN Music Customers No Go For Zune

Just when you thought Microsoft had finally got something right, they go ahead and get it wrong. How? It’s simple really. You allow users to …(read more)

The New iPod Shuffle

The little music player that made it a feature to not know what song would play next is back in its new avatar. Shorter, wider …(read more)

Apple Ousts Greenpeace

According to Apple Insider and others, Greenpeace’s stand at the MacExpo in London was shut down on the first day. Greenpeace set up a stand …(read more)

Best Buy and Apple: Friend or Foe?

In June I wrote that Apple was going to begin working with Best Buy again. To make the collaboration work better than last time (when …(read more)

DRM and iPod Success

I just read an interesting Reuter’s article suggesting that DRM is responsible for what is referred to as Apple’s stranglehold on the digital music industry. …(read more)

Apple Previews New .Mac Webmail

Usually, when Apple unveils new products or features, they do it through Steve Jobs, in a big auditorium with a larger online and offline audience …(read more)

Walmart Threatens Movie Studios

On September 6, James Stoup wrote about what he called the gathering storm between Wal-Mart and Apple. In it he suggested that Wal-Mart would open …(read more)

Showtime: The Aftermath

The Apple online video store, the iTV, the new iPod Nanos and the new iPods are now over a week old. In the days following …(read more)

Messenger for Mac 6 “On Target”

According to APC Magazine, Microsoft is right on schedule in releasing their much-anticipated Messenger for Mac 6. Mary Starman, group product manager for Microsoft’s Macintosh …(read more)

Upgrading To iTunes 7:0? You Might Want To Wait

If you haven’t upgraded your iTunes software yet, you’re probably one of the lucky ones. There are many reports of bugs in this new version. …(read more)

Apple Special Event: All The News

Once again Steve Jobs was present to unveil some new products for the Apple family. It seems that this time every year a major iPod …(read more)