iTunes Library Manager

Doug’s AppleScripts for iTunes has released an update to “iTunes Library Manager”, an AppleScript application that makes backup copies of the iTunes Library and iTunes …(read more)

Housecleaning Tips for Tiger

Housecleaning Tips for Tiger by Derrick Story—Is your Mac ready for a smooth transition to Tiger? Maybe you’re in need of a Spring housecleaning anyway. …(read more)

Mister Brix Goes on Sale Tonight

I’m a huge fan of the entire PodBrix line. But the limited runs of all the products has meant no PodBrix for me. For those …(read more)

Check out the Tiger intro video

With the excitement surrounding Tiger and PCMall shipping the OS early it was a nobrainer that someone would post something from Tiger before the actual …(read more)

Tablet Mac Where Art Thou

I hope to write an article about this soon but I’d thought I’d blog about it in the meantime. I have to agree with this …(read more)

A Powerbook Battery Saga

It all started with 10.3.8. At least that’s what I convinced myself. I was finishing up a presentation at the Boston Mac Users group and …(read more)

Control iTunes With Your PSP

OK, this has got to be the greatest hack out there yet for the PSP. Kudos to Engadget for posting Control iTunes With Your PSP. …(read more)

iPod Puppets

For those of you, like be, flummoxed by what the heck to do with an iPod sock Philip Torrone over at Make magazine has the …(read more)

Apple Matters Cake!

To celebrate the launch of the new Apple Matters yesterday my wonderful wife made a fabulous dinner topped off by this cake! I was very …(read more)

Finally What You Have Always Wanted

Introducing the iClip. Have you ever wanted to copy 2 or more different things but are so darn frustrated that you can only copy/paste one …(read more)

A surreal journey to iPod World

What if the iPod was everywhere? Here’s a somewhat surreal take on what it could be like. I’m not sure whether this is funny or …(read more)

Adobe Flash

This is big. Very big. Get ready for (perhaps) the death of Adobe GoLive, and Macromedia FreeHand. And get ready for Adobe Flash. Adobe buys …(read more)