Finally What You Have Always Wanted

by Gregory Ng Apr 18, 2005

Introducing the iClip. Have you ever wanted to copy 2 or more different things but are so darn frustrated that you can only copy/paste one thing at a time?

Yeah. Me too.

But not anymore. Download the free trial. I guarantee you’ll buy it afterwards.


  • How do you feel iClip compares to Sidenote?

    Ben Rosenthal had this to say on Apr 18, 2005 Posts: 10
  • Ben, I have not tried Sidenote. I will download and post my opinion on this thread. I encourage you to try iClip and do the same.

    Gregory Ng had this to say on Apr 18, 2005 Posts: 54
  • I have tried iClip. I won a registration to it a year or two ago. However, I was not fond with the interaction. I didn’t enjoy the screen real estate its window took up; that was probably my main complaint.

    I think in general, though, it was just overkill for my note storing habits. I don’t frequently share your need to copy multiple fragments in that way; I prefer to use it to store bits of text that have little better place to sit in my file hierarchy.

    Perhaps the advantages of Spotlight will encourage me to store these notes as text/RTF files somewhere in my hierarchy, which I can access quickly with spotlight. Or, maybe I won’t remember anything about them and use an application like iClip or Sidenote to hold onto them in a central place.

    Ben Rosenthal had this to say on Apr 18, 2005 Posts: 10
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