Mix Trent Reznor’s Latest

Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails fame has released a GarageBand file for interested Mac users to toy with. I can’t vouch for the grooviness …(read more)

Onkyo Remote Interactive Dock

If you are a fan of Onkyo audio components, you are probably just as excited about this Onkyo iPod Connector as I am. I have …(read more)

Reaching New Heights

“Reaching New Heights” is how the AirBase from Griffin Technology is advertised. It should be Reaching New Heights in taking your money. I don’t see …(read more)

Play With Your Food (Then Eat Your Shuffle)

Bored during your lunch break? Like to play with your food? Then Mike Davidson’s new contest is for you. Craft the likeness of an iPod …(read more)

Problems with the New iPodlounge

This is what some people are seeing with the new iPodlounge. Sometimes people should stick with what works and not mess up a good thing. …(read more)

Ban iPods!

Looks like in Australia they are up in arms about iPods in school. I can kind of understand why. If I had an iPod in …(read more)