iPodlounge Founder Started as Hobby

There is a great piece over at MacNewsWorld on iPodlounge’s founder Dennis Lloyd. Over the years Dennis has been a great friend to Apple Matters, …(read more)

The TabletMac Is Here

One very smart person over at TablePCBuzz has figured out how to run Apple’s developer version of MacIntel on his tablet. He even has some …(read more)

The Queen Gets an iPod

OK, I think this firmly establishes that the iPod is a success. Apparently the Queen herself is rocking out with her very own iPod. I …(read more)

Steve Job’s Stanford Commencement Address

June 12, 2005 I am honored to be with you today at your commencement from one of the finest universities in the world. I never …(read more)

Apple Help Nokia With Browser Technology

Nokia Connection 2005, Helsinki, Finland - Nokia announced today that it is using best-of-breed open source software as the basis of a new mobile browser …(read more)

Job’s Touts Dropping Out of College at Commencement Speech

Thanks for telling them this now, Steve: After they dropped over 100 grand on their college education. That’s like selling me an iPod and then …(read more)

MAKE ebooks for your iPod guide

One of the frustrating parts of writing a book like iPod and iTunes Hacks is that as soon as it is out things change! Phillip …(read more)

iGuy (Or I must be missing something significant here)

I’m at a loss for words. When I opened the package from Speck Products and pulled out the iGuy, I thought I was going to …(read more)

Cassette Tape to MP3?

Don’t lie to yourself, you still have a milkcrate full of tapes in your basement. Maybe it was a mix tape your honey made for …(read more)

Apple’s iPod Battery Settlement, Explained

iPodlounge has gone ahead and done what Apple should have done in the first place, provide an excellent description of the recent iPod battery settlement. …(read more)

The Fate of Companies That Switched to Intel

Found at Slashdot: Documenting what happens when companies switch to Intel Interesting reading though not a complete analogy. Still….

Make Podcast With Jupiter Research

Phillip Torrone over at Make Magazine has a fresh out of the oven awesome Podcast with Michael Gartenberg, VP & Research Director of Jupiter Research. …(read more)