Apple Kicks Off iTunes Music Store Countdown to Half a Billion Songs

Apple(R) (Nasdaq: AAPL) today kicked off its countdown to half a billion songs sold on the iTunes(R) Music Store with an online song counter so …(read more)

Why Do We Still Get Spam

How many email accounts do you have? Me, I have 6 different email addresses. 5 are personal email accounts and one is a work account. …(read more)

iTunes Podcast Subscriptions Top One Million in First Two Days

Apple(R) today announced that in just two days iTunes(R) customers have subscribed to more than one million Podcasts from the new iTunes Podcast Directory.  iTunes …(read more)

Found any good podcasts yet?

If you’ve had a chance to play around with the podcast subscribing features of iTunes 4.9 yet I’d like to know if you’ve run across …(read more)

A look at Microsoft’s prospects for the future

Many years from now analysts will look back, draw a mark on a timeline and say, “Here it is, the beginning of the fall of …(read more)

Apple Takes Podcasting Mainstream

CUPERTINO, Calif., June 28 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/—Apple(R) today announced it is taking Podcasting mainstream by building everything users need to discover, subscribe, manage and listen to Podcasts …(read more)

Apple Merges iPod & iPod Photo Lines

CUPERTINO, Calif., June 28 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/—Apple(R) today announced that the iPod(R) and iPod photo lines are merging, creating a single line of white iPods that all …(read more)

All Full Size iPods Now Include Photo Capability

Apple tweaked the iPod lineup today. All full size iPods (20GB, 60GB) feature photo capability as well as enhancement for podcasts. The Shuffle price has …(read more)

Apple Store is Down This Morning

Something new must be coming today. Any guesses?

The Penguins Are Angry

Ok, I am writing this blog to help explain my previous blog on Linux.  If you missed that piece you are welcome to catch up …(read more)

Linux needs to get its collective act together soon

Its always nice when someone agrees with you isn’t it?  You see, I wrote an interesting (or at least I thought it was interesting) piece …(read more)

System X 14th Fastest Super Computer

With the yearly release of the top 500 Super Computer list it is worth noting that System X at Virginia Tech checks in at 14. …(read more)