Quick Note: Quark Is Coming Next Week

by Hadley Stern Jun 10, 2003

imageThis will be the biggest and best thing to happen to OS X since, well, OS X. With the release of QuarkXpress 6 for OS X the many many design and ad shops out there that have held out adoption of OS X will now have no excuse for sticking with an older and less productive OS. Combine this with the (rumored) G5’s that may be coming soon and you have a winning combination. We can’t wait.


  • The release is now official but still you will have to wait a little longer. As seen this past week Quark is quite capable of messing things up beyond even the worst imaginable scenario.
    As far as I can see they only mentioned the US single language version. No Passport version has been announced.
    And were it not for OS X nobody would have to buy it because the lack of innovation and the high price. Since version 3 the hermits in Denver have stopped evolution all together. Such a pity. There are many good things in XPress which with some improvement could be great.

    MJ had this to say on Jun 15, 2003 Posts: 9
  • Quark: I hate you and I love you. But despite the good and bad, I am looking forward to using you with my other design apps again.

    Gregory Ng had this to say on Jun 16, 2003 Posts: 54
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