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  • Oct 28, 2005
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  • My first encounter with the ‘MS Office for the rest of your life’ campaign was on Apple.com. The visual does not include the collage slice-of-life pictures you mention though. I think the slogan works, I got it immediately. It’s a very simple and powerfull way of telling people how they should understand the concept of iLife (think news soundbite). The customers ‘what?’ and ‘why?’ questions are the first ones you need to answer with this kind of product. It is also a very smart way of pitting Apple against Microsoft. Who wants te be reminded of his/her cubicle when computing at home/in leisure time?
    MJ had this to say on Feb 20, 2004 Posts: 9
    Apple Is Giving Free Advertising To Microsoft
  • -on topic again- I think what we see is evidence of Apple’s piece-by-piece/step-by step-strategy. Removing old objections, introducing needed functionality and introducing similar to but better software and features. I hope (and rest assured this time because of their cash assets) they are in this for the long run. As the bulk of computer users will become more sophisticated Apple’s strengths will become more apparent to many users. Summer is almost over but the future is bright! (and exciting product-wise!)
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    Apple in the Sea and Clustered
  • The release is now official but still you will have to wait a little longer. As seen this past week Quark is quite capable of messing things up beyond even the worst imaginable scenario. As far as I can see they only mentioned the US single language version. No Passport version has been announced. And were it not for OS X nobody would have to buy it because the lack of innovation and the high price. Since version 3 the hermits in Denver have stopped evolution all together. Such a pity. There are many good things in XPress which with some improvement could be great.
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    Quick Note: Quark Is Coming Next Week
  • I also considered a new one. But there is one thing that makes me want to hang on to my orig 5 gig or maybe even try to upgrade the drive. The FW connector! Its gone from the new ones. You have to bring the supplied cable to be able to use it as a harddrive or tricklecharge it. Most places I take my iPod have a FW cable handy. With a new iPod I would be forced to take the cable everywhere.
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    iPod Envy: Dealing With The idea That You Can't Have It All
  • Catman, for curiosities sake: how did you ever defend the omission of Caps to lower caps in Quark? The interface wasn?t that good overall though. Think of the lack of scaling possibilities of list view windows (usage, color etc) and the nonstandard size of the scroll bars. And what about having to erase the 6,35 mm (1/2 inch) input that is always in the duplication dialog? Zero would have been more usefull. Forgot you always have to remove the checkboxes for red green and blue (RGB colors in a program that untill recently could not print decently to non-postscript devices) and scroll down when you want separated output? Bad UI-design to me. The only partially good part of the Quark interface is the parameters window. But why can?t I do multiplications the same way I do additions in it? And why will it let me specify non-printing properties for a font? I?ve been looking at a pre-release version of XPress 6 too. It looks like Quark 4 in an OS X interface to me. Almost no changes and certainly no improvements in the interface. Oh well, it?s been this way since version 3 I think, but still its sad to think of soooo many missed chances. Soooo silly not to team up with Adobe on postscript and PDF. BTW has anyone ever seen a decent review/comparo of what XPress delivers in a web publishing environment?
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    QuarkXpress X: Five Years Later and Still Waiting
  • What if Mr. Gore becomes a presidential candidate? Will he have to quit the BOD before having made any contribution?
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    Gore's On Board!
  • I partly agree/disagree. I think Apple?s switch campaign is first targeting the potential users that were not aware they are in reality Mac folk. Pick the low hanging fruit first. In the mean time Apple is working like mad to complete a very professional computing alternative for more demanding users (servercapabilities, OS connection and security capabilities, speed etc.) including a set of productivity apps. A full force switching campaign at this moment would reveal the missing pieces and thus disqualify Apple and OS X within the IT world for years to come.
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    The Switch Campaign Targets Mac users Not PC Users
  • For a software creator take a look a iShell from Tribeworks. It was just released for OS X. It can create cross-platform applications and was build using as much quicktime technology as possible. The approach to software creation is much more appealing and cleaner than MM Director?s. Try it. There is much to like about it. Maybe Apple should buy it to have a tool for software creation and a development environment for the use of all of Quicktime?s capabilities.
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    All in Favor of a Better Life Say "i"