Three Pieces of Good News from Cupertino

by Hadley Stern Sep 08, 2003

imageToday Apple has announced that the iPod is now available in a 40GB model. Wow. The original iPod at 5GB now seems like a ram-based Rio player compared to the 40GB model! You can now listen to a month of music non-stop (charging not withstanding). Apple is not just sitting on its laurels, enjoying the tremendous success of the iPod. It is continuing to push the envelope, and this is good.

Apple also announced updates, albeit relatively modest, to its iMac line. Faster processors, faster ram, Nvidia graphics card and the USB 2.0 standard all make the flat screen iMacs even more desirable. I’ve always thought that the eMac is an excellent product and it will be interesting to see, in the future, how Apple updates this product.

For its final Monday morning hatrick item Apple has announced the 10 millionth song has been sold through the iTunes music store. The ten millionth song, “Complicated” by Avril Lavigne, was purchased and downloaded at 11:34 p.m. (PDT) on September 3., 2003. What is remarkable about the iTunes store is that it is only available to Mac users who use OS X. This small minority of computer users in America is managing, single-handedly, to revolutionize the way music is distributed and sold. Multiple 10 million songs by the amount of Windows boxes out there and suddenly Apple’s stock looks very undervalued.

A larger iPod, a faster and mightier iMac, and the ten millionth song sold. Not a bad way to start the week. Now what about that 15” powerbook…


  • Yes, what about the 15” PowerBook? Huh? Huh? Huh? wink

    The MacDaddy had this to say on Sep 09, 2003 Posts: 6
  • Good news indeed, but this also causes me to ponder the relationship between Apple championing legitimately purchased music, and an i-pod that now has the capacity to temp any user to fill it with twenty thousand “legitimately purchased” songs.


    pax had this to say on Sep 12, 2003 Posts: 2
  • Solitaire? Alarm clock? When are we going to get an iPod with an FM RADIO??? That’s what the unit REALLY needs.

    Steve Patt had this to say on Sep 12, 2003 Posts: 2
  • ugh… FM - that’s like, sooo floppy drive’ish.

    Looks like Apple has re-done the iPod ads - me thinks because of’s blantant sarcastic aping of Apple’s own commercials.

    I strongly displike the new ads, but then again, in hindsight the previous ones were no more compelling. The whole “Switch” style was flat, and seemed like pseudo-documentary masterbation by a formerly great documentary director.

    My most requested iPod feature is lower cost of entry - reintroduce the 5gb for $125, those would fly off the shelfs. The 40gb?! no only is that a lot of music, but that requires a fairly up-to-date harddrive - and what general consumer with a PC older than a year has a 60gb harddrive (for OS, apps, files, in addition to musc)?

    Nathan had this to say on Sep 15, 2003 Posts: 219
  • FM: just say no.

    wes had this to say on Oct 02, 2003 Posts: 12
  • A 5GB WOULD fly off the shelves if PC users couldn’t buy a similarly priced (based on the $125 idea) unit from another company that works on their precious little Wintel box and holds, easily, 4 times as much.

    Stop using MP3s! You’re all grown ups with iTunes 4, QuickTime 6 and good ol’ OS X. Use AAC or just stick with my friend, AIFF. He plays well with others.

    Waa had this to say on Oct 29, 2003 Posts: 110
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