Macwireless Ships Whip Antennas

by Hadley Stern May 17, 2005 today announced shipment of a new line of AirPort antennas. New products included in today’s announcement are a line of ‘whip’ antennas to extend the wireless range of PowerBooks, PowerMacs, iMacs and eMacs. Also included are a pair of high-end outdoor omni antennas, suitable for anything from mounting on your RV, to sharing an internet connection with neighbors.

MacWireless whip AirPort antennas are designed to shape and extend the signal from your Mac’s wireless card. The adaptable design allows it to work with almost any Macintosh computer that has an AirPort or wireless card (some Mac models may require modification to allow the antenna cable to exit the computer, such as the 12” PowerBook). With 4 dBi of gain this whip antenna holds its own. Comes with removeable display clip mount and permanent adhesive mount.

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Works with:

PowerBooks with an AirPort Card or a MacWireless 11g PC Card with antenna port
PowerMacs with an AirPort Card or a MacWireless 11g PCI Card
iMacs / eMacs with an AirPort Card


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