Live report of Apple’s Music Event

by Hadley Stern Oct 16, 2003

Check back at 1pm (EST)

12:58 hasn’t started yet, stay posted.

while we wait post a comment! what is the one thing you most want to see? iTunes for windows? iPod accessories (what kind?)...additions to the iPod? Comment away!

1:04 looks like things are going to begin soon

1:05 having some trouble with internet connection…i’ll keep trying to update if I can.

1:07 Steve Jobs on stage. iPod recap…how amazing it is

1:09 49 dollar microphone and speaker…works with new iPod only!

1:12 Also a $99 photo storage device…connect to iPod and can sync with iPhoto. Not sure if it can connect directly with digital cameras.

1:16 Now onto the iTunes music store…talking about sales.

1:20 Today, announcing the 2nd generation of the iTunes music store.

1:22 over 100 indie labels now in iTunes…now a major deal with audible, with over 5000 books available…free previews of books too.

1:24 Gift certificates now can be bought for iTunes music store…can give up to 200 bucks to anyone, appears as a credit the account to the person you give the gift certificate to.

1:26 celebrity playlists! Sting, Michael Stipe, Herbie Hancock (come back tomorrow to read an extensive AppleMatters interview with Herbie Hancock) and others.

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1:30 and now the big news….iTunes for Windows…Jobs says its the best application ever written for windows! Runs on XP and 2000 only.

1:31 compares iTunes for WMP and MusicMatch…iTunes is the golden standard. iTunes for the PC is exately the same as for the Mac. Even the right (up to three machines) transfer.

1:33 OK, this is weird…Jobs is demoing iTunes music store…on a PC.

1:35 everything looks the same, smart playlists, visualizer, etc…kinda makes you wonder why you need a Mac wink

1:37 showing the audio book feature.

1:45 grateful dead now on iTunes, exclusive Eagles content too.

1:47 check out to download today.

1:50 Steve Jobs saying clearly Apple is the leader in online music today…but what else should Apple be doing? Partnership…he announces an exclusive partnership with AOL!

1:51 the AOL music store will tie directly into iTunes music store. Click on a song in AOL and it will open up in the music store. AOL users can use their own AOL id in the iTunes music store.

1:53 Steve Jobs introduces the CEO of AOL to talk about the partnership.

1:55 Also a partnership with Pepsi….giving away 100 millions songs. 300 millions bottles will be imprinted with iTunes info, 1 in 3 will be a winner.

1:59 Introducing president of Pepsi…iTunes info will be imprinted on Pepsi, Diet Pepsi and Sierra Mist bottles….(ed. I’ve always been a coca cola fan…oh well)

2:02 Steve jobs now iChatting with Bono in Dublin.

2:05 Bono says he is likes what Apple has done…now onto Dr. Dre in LA.

2:08 Dr. Dre says congrats on the iPod…now onto Mig Jagger in London!

2:12 and now Sarah Mclaughlin on stage congratulating Steve Jobs for everything he has done.

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2:20 Sarah Mclauglin singing.

2:25 broadcast over… updated! Come back tomorrow for the Herbie Hancock interview….thanks for reading AppleMatters!


  • I want to see iTunes for Windows and enhancement to iPod capabilities (memory cards, photos…). Why not an iPod with a camera included?

    And I want to see the share price going up !!!

    Vincent had this to say on Oct 16, 2003 Posts: 6
  • I’m in Canada and would really like to see ITMS activated here.

    Doug had this to say on Oct 16, 2003 Posts: 2
  • So, Apple capitalized on a Canadian singer at this event, but decided to keep ITMS US-centric.  Nice.

    Doug had this to say on Oct 16, 2003 Posts: 2
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