by Hadley Stern Jan 08, 2007

Like we have done for almost every Macworld since 2001 we will once again be reporting live from the floor of Moscone Center tomorrow morning for his Steveness’ keynote. This time sitting next to me will be the incomparable author of This Day in Apple History and one of the oldest writers (in service, not age!) for the site. We have two dedicated servers set up just for this task. You can read our play-by-play updates at

See you tomorrow morning everyone, technology issues notwithstanding.


  • Has anyone heard of a direct link to the webcast yet?

    Benji had this to say on Jan 08, 2007 Posts: 927
  • I hope this site is still the small, cozy site that I imagine it to be…Events like MacWorld tend to cause popular and even moderately popular sites do go down under the infinite flood of users, who seemingly overwhelm even the infinite racks of servers some sites have to order just to withstand the crush.

    I’ll just say this right now. I will be more than a little surprised if Apple releases a portable phone. I’m guessing more iPods with better video, consumer notebooks with DVD writing and 1GB of memory standard (in effect, an upgrade of the $1100 MacBook), and well… that’s all I really care about myself—the MacBook and the iPod lines.

    SterlingNorth had this to say on Jan 08, 2007 Posts: 121
  • I arbitrarily believe I’m in prediction credit right now, so I too am going to go on the line and say: no phone.

    I hope to be surprised. The market needs a good mobile phone. Just one would do it.

    Benji had this to say on Jan 08, 2007 Posts: 927
  • Well, if the Wall Street Journal report is right, then we are going to be surprised.

    Unfortunately, I’ve had a long-running beef with Cingular, going back to when it was AT&T Wireless (and to which it will return to later this year) with which not even Apple can persuade me to put aside to get a nice phone.

    SterlingNorth had this to say on Jan 09, 2007 Posts: 121
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