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  • Nov 11, 2005
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  • Mhmm... Queen as an audit cd? I guess you audit the headphones on musical impact then, not on sound quality as such. Queen recordings are notorious, because of the pumped up bad studio engineering. Play a Queen cd on any Hi-end set and it will fall apart like flaking make-up on the face of an artist after working for hours under hot stage lights. If the Etymotic manages to work past the shortcomings of compressed and badly recorded music, all the more thumbs up then!
  • Business will never switch to Apple, screen or not, because most of the business software is Windows only. And I'm not talking Office here, but things like Business Objects and Cognos (and yes, they have webinterfaces and no, those interfaces do not play nice with anything else but Internet Explorer on Windows) and probably a zillion other applications used in management and logistic environments.
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    New iMac is $118 Cheaper Than A Dell
  • An Imac with no screen? *ponder, ponder* .. a G5?
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    New iMac is $118 Cheaper Than A Dell
  • I believe that the iMac is not meant for the upgrade and reuse monitor crowd, but it is targeted as the media centre console at home for streaming your itunes music and working with your digital photos and videos. And it is the acceptible machine in the living room (you can even put it up a wall if you like). If you want a new machine without a screen, order a G5 machine. That's targeted at the same poweruser.
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    The New iMac: One Thing Too Many
  • Well .. amen! I couldn't agree more, though I prefer ABBA over Ashlee Simpsons :-)
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    The Problem with the iTMS DRM
  • So you can buy your iTunes songs at 22,9% APR?
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    I Want An Apple Credit Card
  • I've got a really magnificent cd-player and an even magnificent amplifier to play music. The cd-player has 8 buttons and the amplifier two knobs. No remote. If I want to interrupt my music I just push the 'pause' button. I fail to see why a lack of a remote is 'a problem', unless you have it clipped to your arm so you can push a button whenever you feel like it. Walking to your remote, to your laptop or your audio equipment to lower volume is the same user experience. I think Airstream and most of all its implementation from the iTunes interface is really smart and a sure hit; and the remote will probably be announced soon. (and I still believe my cd-player has six buttons too many ;-) )
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    Airport Express Falls Short
  • I always feel that because the iPod looks so low-tech it draws interest. A lot of computer averse people want to touch and try my iPod and they can move around it pretty fast if you show them how it operates. Like the original iMac it just asks to be touched, the dimension of tactile attractiveness should not be underestimated.
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    The iPod mini: Visceral, Behavioral, Reflective
  • How much I like Apple I think they will fail in consumer electronics. If you really want to offer quality you have to ask a premium price. Here in Europe we enjoy brands like Bang & Olufsen and Loewe, who offer good looking, high quality tv's -- at a premium price. Apple is good for its consistency and an all signing, dancing multimedia hub disguised as a TV will not fit that picture. Bang & Olufsen is great in delivering a consistent user friendly product, with stunning looks and high quality deliverance, but given its price tag it will never market to the masses in huge numbers like Sony. Much you would like Apple TV to do.
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    A(nother) Case For an Apple-Branded Television
  • There is an excellent alternative for Windows users by Mozilla: Firebird. As lean and simple as Safari, minus the bookmarking tool. Remember though that the (much loved by me) Safari bookmark list is consistent with the Apple GUI and not with the Windows GUI, so the Safari bookmark tool is less intuitive on a Windows machine.
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    Safari For Windows