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  • I don't see this as a "Video iPod killer" at all. In fact, I think this shows why people want a Video iPod. Apple is the only one who gets it. People want it simple. Look at the buttons on that 'iLuv" ....yeah, that'll sure kill the iPod... It's contruction looks cheap compared to the iPod, cheap plastic. Not to mention price ... 300 for the iPod, 250 for an ugly screen? 650 for a Video iPod? See, this is akin to creative slapping their crappy interface on 7" inch screen and connecting it to your iPod. This iLuv takes all the stupid "we can kill the iPod, really we can" companies ideas and slaps them on an iPod. It goes for features instead of usability.
  • The way I see it, Apple's marketing is more truthful because they actually make the better product. The marketing is usually a load of crap no matter what company you choose. Although... Apple has never made fun of other mp3 players in their iPod ads. It's only the Mac ads that are superior.
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    When Is It Okay to Insult iPod Users?
  • Should be "His facial expressions and voice pattern changed to that of excitement, followed quickly by, 'I want one of those Mac Minis!'" To answer your question, I got someone to buy a MacBook because of Boot Camp. She wanted a Mac anyways, but she still wanted the "security blanket," as Dave Caolo put it. When she heard that they run Windows now, she was completely sold.
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    Is Windows On a Mac Really Drawing in New Users?
  • Devanshu, I agree with sjk, you should have mentioned Virtue because it's basically the new DM. However, DM I would like to point out that DM is not dead. The girlfriend of DM's programmer, Rich, is going to make DM a Universal Binary.
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    Review: Desktop Manager
  • I'm a dude, I hate sports, I hate messing with cars, I hate fixing Windows, I love fixing or tinkering with Macs. And I kinda like shopping, but only if it's for stuff I like. Like at the Apple store ;)
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    Men are from PCs, women are from Macs
  • I don't have time for a long list, but I'll try my best: 1. Expensive adaptors and cables (which you actually mentioned, Beeblebrox). I got a new Intel iMac, I want to hook up my VGA monitor. $20. What about if I get a DVI monitor? Another $20. This really isn't a big problem since most iMac users probably don't use extended desktop very much. As for the iPod video cable ... you're acting like it's a horrible, horrible business practice and they should go to hell. Get over it, it's just a cable. They charge a lot for accesories, it's an annoyence at best, 2. the iSight. $150 for a camera? I like the one included in my iMac, but I could live without it. I don't really use it much. 3. I wanted to get the 17" Intel iMac the day it got to the local Apple store. I called and they didn't have any. Then I called later that night asking for a waitlist. They told me they had some 17" iMacs, and they'd reserve one for me. I got there and they told me the iMacs were for the store to put on display. I just got an uninformed Apple rep on the phone. Of course, stupid people work everywhere and you can't help that. You know, I don't actually have very many arguements against Apple, I realize. certainally much less than any other company. So why does Apple get flamed? They make good computers and mp3 players, overall their customer service is good. Sorry, but I guess I don't have much major qualms with Apple at this point in time.
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    Examples of Apple Putting the Customer Second
  • This seems like a really lame attempt to bash Apple. I could think of a much better list. As people said, international law, etc. I don't know much about the iTMS or international law, but I'm betting that music rights have a lot more trouble to get transferred to other countries than consumer goods like Amazon. Plus digital music sales a relatively new market compared to online stores like Amazon. Give it time. Give me an example of iPod non-backwards compatibilty. Or are you talking about things like video playback? What exactly do you want to be backwards compatible? You never say what you want backwards compatible. Are you mad about the iPod remote connector being removed? And as for the photo book thing ... that just seems like you were looking really really hard for something Apple does mediocre. I bet most Mac users don't ever get a photo book. I've never known anyone to actually buy one. It's a perk, not a feature.
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    Examples of Apple Putting the Customer Second
  • Those ARE upgrade prices. Every Mac comes with iLife and Mac OS X ... so if Apple wanted to throw away $20 for each updeage to Mac OS X, no one would get the "full" version" because either 1, Mac users already have a version of OS X, and 2, If you don't have a Mac, then you can't run OS X or iLife, then you buy a Mac and it already has OS X and iLife on it! Those prices are upgrades because virtually every Mac user has Mac OS X and iLife. Winows and Photoshop are different since they don't come always come automatically with computers like Macs come with OS X and iLife.
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    Upgrading, Why It Hurts To Be A Mac User
  • I think either Apple wanted to get Mactels out ASAP so they didn't change much or there was a shortage of Intel chips, and they couldn't release the products they wanted to. Although I'm happy with this keynote. I want a iMactel.
  • That $2000 is about the same price as a Dell Intel Duo laptop of comparible stats. This is only the start of the Intel laptops. They went high-end because releasing an Intel iBook faster than Powerbooks would be absurd. They're 6 months early, the iBook will definately be Intel by then. The only thing I found dissapointing was the name. MacBook Pro sounds so lame.
  • Hmmm.. I want the iPod, I already have a Newton, and I don't want an Apple II working or not .... Oh, well. I entered.
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    Win A Custom Engraved 5G iPod, Newton, or Apple II
  • I think it's highly unlikely that iBooks would loose their FireWire port. As Chris Howard said, those conjectures/rumors are always based on the iPod losing it's FireWire. But the iPod is a product for Mac and PC users, and FireWire is undoubtably less popular on the PC side. Coupled with the iPod being popular with PC users .. it makes sense to drop FireWire from the iPod.
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    What's Coming in 2006
  • I believe you mean ImageWell instead of InkWell. Speaking of InkWell, I want a tablet Mac. As for my gems .. 1. Adium | So customizable it's crazy. Easy to use, plugins and themes downloaded right from their website, great integration. Simple the best AIM client. 2. Desktop Manager One of the best ideas ever. And free, too. 3. You Control: Tunes Great menu bar control of iTunes, also free. 4. OnyX I got tired of the dashboard, and turned it off. OnyX did that and more ... it's also free. 5. the iBook I got one for school, it's great and I love it. Even the simple things, like a LED battery monitor on every battery. I always know what the charge is, even when it's off.
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    A Dozen Mac Gems Unearthed In 2005
  • That was really funny James. I laughed a lot. Especially at numbers 5 to 10. Oh, and the Google one was spot on. I love it when people say something like, "Microsoft better get it's act together or Google will crush them." WTF. Microsoft doesn't even make the same products as Google does! All Google does is cache and catagorize stuff for searching, Microsoft can't even compete with their MSN search, and Google couldn't compete with a Google OS. And linux for the desktop? puhleez, that'll never happen. I've never tried compiling a linux app for a specific distro, but I bet it's hell. Oh, and I loved your bit about the iPod killers. I hate radio so much.
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    The Soon To Be Most Hyped Up Non-Stories of 2006
  • I think the iPod lost the firewire because the iPod is popular. A lot of Windows users had one, and never used firewire. I bet Apple sells more iPods to PC users than Mac. I don't think Firewire will be discontinued anytime soon.