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  • I find Mr. Gore's addition to the Apple BOD to be troubling, to say the least. He has utterly no experience in running a corporation, let alone a technology company. I grow weary of politics having to be factored into every aspect of our lives--from entertainment to the products we use. I grow weary of having it rammed down my throat at every turn. There is simply no business-based rationale for appointing Mr. Gore to Apple's BOD. It is obviously a move based in politics, not fiscal responsibility. And regardless of one's personal politcal views, that is troubling as an Apple customer, and a long-time fan of Apple and it's products. I shudder at the thought of Apple becoming a corporate political activist. Let there be no misunderstanding: Mr. Gore is NOT a businessman, he is a politician. His addition to the Apple BOD may improve Apple's already-favorable standing within Democratic Party circles, but it does nothing to improve their products, their standing with the Enterprise markets (where the REAL money is made the computer industry), with Wall Street (from either a business OR a political point of view), or with those whose political leanings may not mirror those of Mr. Gore. I mean this in no way to be an indictment of Mr. Gore, or his politics. Only of Apple's decision to throw themselves so publicly into the political fray and to appoint a board member with no corporate or technology background. I do not look forward to seeing the Mac-related discussion forums turned into platforms for the poisonous brand of politcal "debate" that is so rampant on the internet today. Like Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks, Apple should stick to what it does best, and leave the dirty world of politics to the dirty politicians.
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    Gore's On Board!