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  • Jan 30, 2007
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  • I do use iChat AV to videochat with family members. I'm in NYC, my sister and family are in Denver and my parents in Los Angeles. I also have friends in Beijing and Germany. We videochat regularly and we love it. However, I am the only one with a Dual 2.5 G5. Everyone else is on the minimal requirements that allow iChat video conferencing (G3, low MHz G4). What this means is that we cannot have multi-way video conference, it all has to be 1-on-1. The requirements are actually steeper than listed in the column. A premium investment is called for by all parties in order to take full advantage of iChat's features. As time goes by, I'm sure our friends and family will upgrade their systems. But we're content for now, it beats talking over the phone and paying the telecoms their ridiculous rates.
    tom had this to say on Sep 19, 2005 Posts: 4
    The iChat AV Resurrection
  • I agree with toadkicker. However, as a personal pet peeve, nothing is worse than a presenter reading, verbatim, everything on each slide as it goes by. Presentation skills are essential, its and art. Speaking of art, see Wired magazine September 2003, link here: From David Byrne, of Talking Heads fame. Powerpoint as art.
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    PowerPoint Kills Brain Cells
  • Cell phones have become camera phones. Camera phones have become smart phones. Smart phones will become jukebox phones with record stores? Watch mediocrity settle in. I agree with hmurchison. The user interfaces are going to be worse than anything currently out there. I can't find a cameraphone, let alone a phone with form & function that is satisfying to use. If the design is great, the software sucks. If the software is good, the keyboard is too small. It's always something. And they're going to add an MP3 player? AND the music store interface? While racing to build the everything-in-one phone, they've forgotten that their current phone interfaces.... suck. Additionally, with daily normal use, how long will the battery life be in one of these beasts? It'll be interesting to see which phones are offered by which carriers due to the fragmented market share here in the U.S. That will surely prevent any one carrier to emerge as a winner. If you want a better music phone go buy from Cingular. If you want a better camera phone buy from Sprint. If you want a better smart phone buy from T-Mobile. If you want a better cell phone, buy from Verizon. There will surely be at least one aspect of each phone/carrier that you'll loathe. Things would be a bit better if all phones worked with all carriers, just as they do overseas. But that's another arguement from days past. Bill Gates says in his arguement against the iPod that he believes the consumer wants choice. Do you think the Nokia phone sold by Verizon is going to let you buy music from the Motorola store on the Cingular network? In the near to short term I see the mobile music store a reflection of the current mobile market at best...And it's not that good... The only winner will be Bill Gates and Microsoft if all these phones run Windows Mobile. Bill Gates. Propganda machine.
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    Bill Gates is Right, and Wrong About The iPod
  • I recently moved from Los Angeles to New York City. Although I missed the grand opening of the Santa Monica Store, I have frequented the Glendale Store, The Grove, the Pasadena Store and even the Las Vegas Store. In my time here in NYC I have been to the Soho Store and also the Short Hills Mall Store in New Jersey. My experience in the Apple Stores have been quite good compared to yours, but not perfect. I have personally experienced good service from the employees I have encountered -- when they have approached me. Not because they are "busy" joking around, but because they are busy helping other customers. I find that there aren't enough employees to help customers. Now to be fair, there are times when it's been slow enough that I've gotten service right away. But on a Saturday afternoon in Soho on a summer day, I shouldn't have to stalk around the store and hunt down an employee for an an answer to a question or to make a purchase. As part of the choir that doesn't need preaching to; I've been a Mac user since 1985, and have supported Apple through many CPU/peripheral/supply purchases. Even though the prices in the Apple Store are not discounted I've bought many products from them and their authorized resellers. But even Apple needs to realize, a sale is a sale, and if I am left waiting at the counter, I'll walk out and buy somewhere else (and save money). And I've done that, too.
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    The Apple Store: Bad Customer Service at Your Local Mall