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  • Jan 03, 2009
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  • These updates are coming not long before a big update to USB to version 3, which is blindingly fast with (if rumors hold) little overhead slowing data rates. But we can hope for One More Thing... I agree on the ports. I have always had 2 7-port USB hubs on my desk. And I've gone through about 5 or 6 manufacturers before I found that the best is Dr. Bott hubs. I have iPods, scanner, card readers, hard drives, printers and more and the hubs always link up and recognize when things are attached or fired up. USB 3.0 is going to do bad things to Firewire so we'll see what happens over time. In the meantime, I'm enjoying the very fast FW800 port on my iMac. The extra speed helps Time Machine get its stuff done quick.
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    Two Things You Won't See At MWSF: FireWire and More USB
  • You want to be on the bleeding edge and then complain about the cons of being on the bleeding edge? Sorry. You can't have it both ways. When you come back to your senses, you'll realize that technology inexorably marches forward. Praise the innovators and enjoy your iPhone. Nothing has changed except your perception. It's up to you to turn that bitch slap into a handjob.
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    Thanks Apple for the $200 bitch-slap
  • I loved that MM at first. The scroll nipple was awesome. I was especially fond of the fine grit that allowed super fast scrolling through long web pages. But it got dirty. Too quickly and too easily. And to make matters worse, I bought the wireless version. Same problem. And the batteries die pretty quickly. But then I tried what I feel is the best mouse I've ever touched: Logitech's VX Revolution. Without installing the medium-rated software, it works out of the box with 7 active buttons + the innovative, high-quality scroll wheel. You can use it with 'grit' or you can spin it freely, where it's basically like a flywheel and spins for quite some time. I don't know what they did to engineer this wireless mouse, but it's light. One battery has lasted several months now. The USB Receiver is tiny and it recognizes the mouse instantly. No more bluetooth snags. I really can't say enough about this mouse. It's a joy to use. The scroll wheel is METAL with a rubber strip that just reeks of quality and substance. It feels wonderful in your hand. You'll just spin that wheel over and over, just for kicks. I LOVE Apple stuff and had high hopes for that MM. But until Apple redesigns it, the Logitech has it beat by a mile.
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    Mighty Mouse Must Die!
  • I felt an empty hole in my life as well. I like my software and Years to match up. However, you do realize it's not an Apple Tax. It is voluntary, after all. If you like the features, you are welcome to purchase. If not, you can save your $ for a Zune. ;o) The fact that it didn't arrive at the normal time further proves it's not a tax.
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    Sleep easy, the Apple tax will come