The Network Behind the iPhone

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iPhone Shortage and Business Worries

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WWDC Delivers the Goods — and a Hot Safari!

Much to the disappointment of the eternally optimistic and eternally high-hoped Apple fans, as was really expected, Steve didn’t reveal anything surprisingly new about Leopard …(read more)

Live Report for WWDC 2007

11:14 Another last thing….The iPhone is shipping. Going on sale at 6 PM in the evening. But what about developers?!! There is now an innovative …(read more)

Microsoft Challenging Apple’s Multi-touch

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Microsoft Launches New FUD Season

Wabbit season! Duck season! Wabbit season! Duck Season! Elmer season! Elmer FUD that is. Along with many other news outlets, The Age newspaper reported last …(read more)

1 Email, 15 Million Shares, and a 23 Minute Lie: The iPhone Phenomenon Continues

You may or may not feel that Engadget did anything wrong in their handling of this mini-scandal. I have read many articles that take the …(read more)

StarCraft Redux

Let me start by saying that I love StarCraft. It is one of my all-time favorite games. You have humans and aliens, cool weapons, great …(read more)

iPhone a Success Story or Flop?

Depending on which stories you’ve read, there’s little over a month now until the iPhone is released in the U.S., and from what I’ve read …(read more)

Greg Ng, On Today in iPhone Podcast

Make sure to check our Gregory Ng, the Editor-in-Chief of iPhone Matters and a big contributor to Apple Matters as he chats with Rob Walch, …(read more)

Apple to Save Millions in Not Submitting Trivial Patent Applications

Last week, two interesting and very related news stories caught my eye. In the first one, in the U.S. it will be harder to get …(read more)

Apple Revamps Retail Support

As rumored some days ago, Apple revamped their in-store support options on Wednesday with, as AppleInsider put it, “less bang for the buck.” In conjunction …(read more)