Review: Vaja’s iVolution Holster for Nano 2G

by James Bain Mar 16, 2007

Well, Vaja Cases have once again proven that they’ve earned their reputation for making quality custom leather electronics cases the hard way, by just getting down to the business of making truly quality custom leather cases, of course. Marketing alone cannot ever hope to produce something with the uncompromising in-your-hand style of this Nano 2G case. This is quality with a capital “wow!”

I think “case” might be a misnomer though. It’s more of a coat, a custom leather coat for your Nano.

Chances are you that all you Nano 2G owners out there—except for the hardened early adopters of course—carefully chose your iPod in one special signature colour or another. It’d be kind of counter-intuitive, then, to totally cover up your choice with something else. You want to decorate here, rather than obscure.

The Vaja Nano 2G iVolution Holster slides and snaps across the back of your iPod, leaving its front proudly exposed and its back artfully accessorized. Selecting from Vaja’s vast array of hues, you’ll undoubtedly find the perfect complement to your Nano’s native skin.

Don’t expect this coat to do a whole lot to protect your iPod here. But that’s not the point, is it?

If you want near-bulletproof armour, there’s near-bulletproof armour available. If you want pure, indelible style, well, this is it! Heck, the leather even smells better than anything else I’ve ever handled! Quality in every pore!

I give this coat/sleeve/case a 90%! Intelligent and minimalist design with a whole universe of colour selections delivered straight to your door! Dang, but you gotta love the Internet and modern courier services!

Take a look at their sites, and No matter what piece of now-naked personal electronics you have, chances are Vaja’s making a case for it!

As a related addendum for everyone out there who is sad because they’ve just got a Nano 1G and can’t buy this case, Vaja still makes its “Classic” case for the 1G, in the colour of your choice of course. Black or white are so very cover-up-able that it’s not even funny. The Classic coat/case gets an automatic 90% as well! It is available in a Nano 2G version too, which is equally good. Your hardest choice in all this will be what style of case to buy.



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