May 15, 1985: MacXL (Lisa) Officially Killed

The Mac XL was never a huge seller, the machine featured a display that made the graphics and letters looked stretched and, with dual floppy …(read more)

May 14, 2002: Xserve Introduced

Apple had offered plenty of servers throughout its existence but the servers always looked exactly like the top of the line professional Mac being offered …(read more)

May 13, 1997: System 8 Demoed

Apple had ditched the System 7.7 iteration of Mac OS in an effort to kill the clone makers. That didn't stop the software from actually …(read more)

May 12, 1998: Phil Schiller Says OS X for PowerPC Only

When Apple was talking up its next generation operating system, Rhapsody, one of the selling points was "develop once deploy everywhere." The project was called …(read more)

May 11, 1999: Apple Announces the G4

The biggest difference between a G3 chip and its successor the G4 was Altivec. Altivec, renamed Velocity Engine by Apple for marketing purposes, added a …(read more)

May 10, 1999: Lombard PowerBook Revealed

What's 20% thinner and two pounds less weighty than its predecessor? Why, the PowerBook Lombard, of course.This fan favorite of the PowerBook line sported peppy …(read more)

May 9, 1997: The Clone Problem Typified

Umax, an early Apple cloner, released the clunkily named SuperMac C500 LT/140 with little fanfare. The machine offered 140 MHz of processing power, a Motorola …(read more)

May 8, 1997: Apple Debuts a PowerBook…Designed by IBM

A PowerPC 603e, 180 MHz of raw processing power and up to 80 MB of RAM-- sounds like a passably powerful nineties Macintosh. Throw in …(read more)

May 7, 2001: Henrico Public Schools Go Mac

From the Apple I to the current day, Apple has publicly maintained a deep commitment to education. The commitment paid off when Apple announced a …(read more)

May 6, 1998: The Original iMac Is Unveiled to Mixed Reaction

No floppy drive, no ADB port, no printer port and a 33.6 Kbps internal modem. Wrap all that up in a bondi blue case designed …(read more)

May 5, 2003: iTunes Music Store, Instant Hit

It was Mac only, it wasn't free, and it was a smash hit. It was the Apple iTunes Music Store. Open less than a week, …(read more)

May 4, 1998: The Apple Logo Evolves

Ron Wayne's original Apple logo featured an apple and Isaac Newton; it was truly a thing of beauty. For all of its beauty, however, the …(read more)