Wanna vCast? (please say no, please say no)

by Chris Seibold Oct 13, 2005

Apple has now posted complete instructions to not only record a vcast (they recommend Quicktime but I’d use iMovie) but how to get said vcast on iTunes. Worst. Day. Ever.
Get your video making jones satisfied here.


  • You are so cynical!

    I’m just waiting to see some of my favorite podcasts as video podcasts…  Then we’d really see if Dawn & Drew were faking it or not!

    But the big question is, who can afford the bandwidth to host all of these?

    mikataur had this to say on Oct 13, 2005 Posts: 19
  • Who can afford the time to watch them?!

    I don’t have a job, yet still can’t find the time to listen to podcasts - although if i did have a job, i would have a captive hour or so a day in the car when i could listen. But that wouldn’t be enough to listen to more than one or two.

    vcasts will happen, will be bad but will also launch some careers.

    Chris Howard had this to say on Oct 13, 2005 Posts: 1209
  • Hmmm,
    1 No Job
    2 Knows all about Macs and Windows
    3 Cool Aussie accent

    Ladies and gentlemen I give you your first break out vcaster: Chris Howard

    As for bandwidth concerns, it won’t be much of an issue for the large majority of vcasters I suspect. And Chris can get AM to handle his show.

    Chris Seibold had this to say on Oct 13, 2005 Posts: 354
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