May 28, 2002: Mac Market Share Could Double!

by Chris Seibold May 28, 2011

When OS X was first launched the focus wasn't on getting Windows users to come over to the Mac or even on getting more people to buy Macs. Instead the focus was on getting current Mac users to adopt the operating system.

That part of the OS X experiment went fairly well. As more capable versions of OS X kept appearing with regularity, users felt more comfortable switching to OS X. Of course, convincing diehard Mac fans to go OS X was one thing, convincing longtime Windows users to jump on the Apple ship was quite different. With the transition from classic Mac OS to OS X complete, many were still depressed about Apple’s anemic market share in the computer world.

Steve put the best possible spin on the woeful market share by saying:
"The great thing is when you have 5% market share, all you have to do is convince another five out of the other 95% to switch and you have doubled your market share."

While Mac fans are still waiting for Apple to convince another "five out of 95," Steve Jobs was very hopeful during a BBC News interview this week in 2002.


  • Is there a product yet that Apple has released that did NOT come with pie-in-the-sky predictions about doubling market share?

    Listening to the Apple user base make predictions is like listening to Neocons make predictions about Iraq.  They are NEVER right and yet they keep on making predictions while looking at you like you’re crazy for not agreeing with them.

    Beeblebrox had this to say on May 29, 2007 Posts: 2220
  • Well you have to be optimistic, and you have to be in it for the long-term.

    As it so happens, Mac market share has finally got some oomph behind it and it seems it won’t be long before Apple is in double digits…

    Of course, market share percentage is not the whole story.  If you look at the personal user marketplace, Apple’s market share has been rising rapidly.  I am sure everyone has stories about friends who are buying a Mac for the first time, but here in Sydney, Mac fever is in full flight…  Everyone, seemingly, is buying a Mac…

    When I first started reading this site 2 years ago, as an Apple newbie, most readers seemed oblivious to the trend.  Now, with Apple’s shareprice hitting new highs nearly every trading day, Applephiles are perhaps a bit more relaxed.

    Hats off to Steve for maintaining the faith.  Its been a long hard road since 2002 - but, hey, its party time now!


    sydneystephen had this to say on May 29, 2007 Posts: 124
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