Macworld 2007 - What’s Expected?

by Aaron Wright Jan 03, 2007

It’s every Mac lovers favourite time of the year, a time when Apple CEO Steve Jobs and his sneakers gather on stage to unveil exciting new products and other Apple related news to keep our pulse rates above 140 for the next year. Rumours have been going off the chart the past few weeks with the iPhone still topping the list of “what will they surprise us with next?” – and I still say no phone device will be released, although I wouldn’t mind being proved wrong.

For those new to the Mac platform, you may have already heard about this extraordinary Macworld Expo that takes place once a year, but did you know a that there’s actually a whole host of other expositions and conferences taking place throughout the week? Take a look below to see what’s to be expected.

Whilst the Expo starts on the 9th of Jan, the actual conferencing begins on the 8th with a few 9 til 5 sessions on how to get the most out of certain Powertools, such as Filemaker, Acrobat, Aperture and AppleScript to name a few.

However, the main gig kicks off at 9am on Tuesday 9th 2007, with Apple CEO Steve Jobs taking centre stage once again in what is supposed to be a 2-hour keynote on the latest Apple offerings. And, once again Apple Matters will be offering live coverage at A few of the virtually confirmed things we know Jobs is planning to talk about during this keynote are:

1.    OS X 10.5 Leopard (due for release this Spring)

Yes, that’s all that’s been pretty much confirmed, with the following rumours slated to make some form of appearance – a few are more likely than others, with iTV topping that list, but of course, nothing else has been mentioned.

1. iTV – a media streaming device
2. New iPod model
3. New light weight portables
4. Monitors equipped with iSight cameras
5. And of course, a mobile phone with iPod capabilities

It seems every year the Mac faithful is either completely surprised with something we never saw coming, are virtually spot on (although that’s a rarity), or over-expect and thus deem anything Steve says as a bit of a let down – just don’t expect that silly iPod phone, okay?

After the two-hour keynote, the Expo beings, and here’s a list of what’s on offer.

20 Hours of Free Education

Throughout the conference over 20 hours of free complimentary lectures will be taking place aiming to teach Mac users, both new and old, tips and tricks in getting the most out of their Apple products. Topics include getting the most out of your iPod, using OS X to your advantage and being as creative as your mind allows you to be with a Macintosh.

John Lennon Bus

For music buffs out there, take a peak inside the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus that lets users take a tour of mobile recording and multimedia studios. In here you’ll get to see how certain artists have helped students to record music and video using Logic, Reason, Final Cut Pro, iLife 6 and JVC Pro Video cameras.

Special Interest Pavilion

Whilst Apple develops some beautiful software, there are other companies out there who do just as good a job, and the Special Interest Pavilion is the place to come and check this out. The S.I.P includes Macintosh technologies from Business solutions to developer tools to education to digital media.

Apple Consultants Network

We’ve all heard of the Genius Bars that appear in virtually all Apple stores worldwide, right? Well if you haven’t they’re simply technical help desks where you’re pretty much guaranteed to speak to someone who knows what they’re talking about. The Apple Consultants Network that appears at the Expo is like a much larger version of this and allows users to come up and ask for technical advice on their Macs or other Apple products from certified experts. A great way to get a solution to any problems you have.

Macworld Best of Show Awards

After everything has been unveiled, from the latest Apple products to the latest third-party software, an awards show takes place where the best of the best is paraded on stage, live for the first time, to the entire Mac community. The most exciting and innovative products are due to be demonstrated on stage and is a must for anyone looking for the latest gadgets and technology for their home or business.

ADC Developer Pavilion

ADC (Apple Developer Connection), Macworld Conference and Expo, and Macworld Magazine present to you a collection of the latest Mac products for users to test drive and purchase, including some yet-to-be-released gear as well.

As you can see from the highlights above, there’s an awful lot on offer, and I’ve not even listed all of the highlights (see more at Whilst the Keynote at 9am on Tuesday is guaranteed to tickle many of us home users, the entire conference is well worth a visit (although tickets will cost you upward of $1,600 now so I’ve been told).

Stay tuned to over the next couple of weeks to read more on the build up to Macworld 2007 and a hoard of editorials and opinions on the latest gadgets and services released by Apple next week.


  • We’ll see updated Cinema screens. A slightly updated iMac to go with leopard. Mac Mini’s with Core2Duo’s and 128mb on-board graphics with an updated intel gma chipset. Positioning them as gaming/home theater machines as well as computers. Macbooks will gain 128 on board graphics.

    Hopefully they’ll update the entire mac lineup to start with 1gb of ram. Or they’ll default to 64mb but be selectable to take an additional 128mb on the graphics side.

    iMac’s get a promise of Core2quads in the coming months along with macbook pro’s.

    Mac Pro gets 8 CPU’s and updated graphics cards. Memory management is updated to 64gb.

    All Laptops get SD card slot.

    iPods get bluetooth with autosync to host Macs.

    3 iPhones. 2gb/4gb/8gb. 8gb has 2.5” widescreen display with nanoX OS.

    iTV releases with built in 60/80gb drive. Bluetooth and syncs with iPod/iTunes/Mac. iTV spawns new gaming area. iPod games first to move, then board games followed by trivia games.

    13.3” Macbook pro. Uses screens from Macbook. Uses new ThinLithium battery tech for 6hrs of run time. Wide but shallow. Keyboard is placed at leading edge of the case.


    Mini Mac Pro : Uses single Xeon 4 core system. 2 Hard drives, single PCI slot for Video. Combines the Mac Mini and Mac Pro into a Powerful desktop system for the masses. Stands upright, uses case design from Mac Pro.

    Mac Mini with Cable/Satelite tv input.

    Evdo capable laptops.

    MiniMacBook - A 10” screen version with everything on board: C2D cpu, 1gb ram, and a 60gb drive. No CD. FW and USB. Small, light, ultra portable, excellent battery life.

    TalbletMac - A mac tablet laptop. MacBook Pro linup.

    Delete the 17” iMac - Too many models in the linup now.

    Only 1 Mac mini - Custom Configurable.

    Three Mac system linups: Portable, Dekstop, Pro’s.

    Ok, that’s it for now… Just wanted to get my hopes out there.

    xwiredtva had this to say on Jan 03, 2007 Posts: 172
  • Oh, anybody betting on Black Turtleneck?

    xwiredtva had this to say on Jan 03, 2007 Posts: 172
  • Delete the 17” iMac - Too many models in the linup now.

    Yes, “3” really does boggle the mind.  Counting all Mac models, that brings the total to a staggering EIGHT.  I think there are more iPods than that, but honestly I’d have to whip out a calculator and my old physics text books to count that high.

    Beeblebrox had this to say on Jan 03, 2007 Posts: 2220
  • Wow, quicktwit, did you read the countdown… By that time a 17” imac should be tossed out, Keeping the 20’s and 24’s in place. 17 wide is getting old for a desktop system.

    xwiredtva had this to say on Jan 05, 2007 Posts: 172
  • Ah, I see.  So when you said “Too many models in the linup now” what you MEANT was “17 wide is getting old for a desktop system.”

    Do you see how I might get confused when you re-invent definitions for words?

    Btw, I would agree that 17” is getting out-dated except that Apple has far too few models on the low-end (ie affordable) as it is.  Skewing the line-up ever upward is not the right movie, IMO.

    Beeblebrox had this to say on Jan 05, 2007 Posts: 2220
  • The 17” iMac is at a most amazing sweet spot where performance, size and price gel like courting birds of paradise and even naked mole rat babies seem beautiful.

    Please god don’t get rid of it. For the mole rat babies, if nothing else.

    Benji had this to say on Jan 05, 2007 Posts: 927
  • Agreed with Beeb and Ben (and I’m glad to see those two on the same side of an issue this time around)... Can I extend this to a wider rant. For whatever reason, it always seems to be the tendency for the prominent Apple fans and sites go advocate and encourage Apple to figure out new ways to gold-plate their machines… Not just the idea of dropping the inexpensive models or stuffing in more exotic processors at the point when the current processor becomes plebian, or the hope of such exotic features becoming standard like GPS and flash-based storage in notebooks. I guess this is expected as Apple does it in their machines as to avoid breaking $1000. They seem to fear that price-point as though it is a swarm of bees, with only the brave upsell-bait like the Mini and the GMA-iMac to lure customers to the more expensive iMacs or <strike>iBooks</strike> MacBooks. Apple could really gain share if they put something out for those looking to spend $800-1000. Unless the Mini is improved (either upgrading it to Core2 or giving it a faster processor), I don’t see anything out there for those of us on a budget.

    SterlingNorth had this to say on Jan 05, 2007 Posts: 121
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