Great Mac-Sites Everyone Should Visit

by James R. Stoup Dec 17, 2006

While it is possible that AppleMatters is the only Mac-related site our visitors surf to, I seriously doubt it. And while I encourage you to visit and visit often (and tell your friends about us!) I realize that we don’t (and can’t) cover every Apple announcement, speculate on every Apple rumor, test every Apple program and use every piece of Apple hardware. We try really hard, but sometimes you just need to go somewhere else. Well, for those of you looking for a few more Apple-centric sites to complement your daily reading of AppleMatters I am here to help. I have listed my favorite Mac sites and the reasons why you should visit them.

For all the news that is news . . . - MacDailyNews
This is a great news aggregator site for those interested in getting the latest and greatest about all things Apple. They do news, they do rumors, they do reviews and they do a lot of an anti-Microsoft news. A whole lot. Sometimes its a bit to much for me, and that’s saying something folks. But overall they do a good job of presenting amusing or useful links. And, to top it off, the comments they insert in their recaps are often quite funny. Worth a visit if nothing else.

Best. Mac. Commentary. Period. - Daring Fireball
John Gruber is by far my favorite Mac blogger. All of his writing is well though out and backed up with plenty of references. He doesn’t write reams of material so don’t expect a new article everyday, but that is really the only complaint I have. His writing is so good you always want more. And if that wasn’t reason enough to visit his site then there is his linked list. (which is updated daily) This is a list (not the programming type) of snippets of articles from around the net. (with Gruber’s comments sprinkled in to good effect) His predilection for discussing his beloved Yankees notwithstanding, this is one of the best sites around for Mac fans. (Go Sox!)

. . . and the iPhone will be solar-powered, and cost $5.00 and fit in the palm of your hand and cure blindness, prevent tax audits and whiten your teeth and . . . - Apple Insider
If gossip, rumors, lies, half lies and damn lies are your bag then Apple Insider is the place you need to be. A year or two ago this spot would have belonged to Think Secret but they have fallen behind the curve as of late so the top spot goes to A.I. instead. Take everything you read with a grain of salt the size of your head and don’t get your hopes up waiting for the iPhone. (I actually have a good friend whose cellphone is held together with a rubber band, but he won’t buy a new one because he is waiting for the fabled iPhone to make its debut) Otherwise this is a great site.

Fake Steve vs The Macalope, a battle of the BS - The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs & The Macalope
Both the secret diary of Steve Jobs (hint - its not really Steve Jobs) and the Macalope (a very mythical creature indeed) have both made my split my sides with laughter. Take a look at Fake Steve’s attempts to get the Beatle’s songs on iTunes. or the Macalope’s observations of Mr. Ou. Both will make you smile.


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