Fox Network and the NBA Catch the iTunes Gravy Train

by Julie Salickram May 10, 2006

While the world of TVs gets bigger, flatter, and more expensive, iTunes and iPod continue to cash in on network television’s fear of losing its ever mobile and sensory overloaded audience. I bet old network execs puff on cigars and dream of the days when they were kings. Now, that even city billboards and taxi tops are video capable, networks scramble to keep their audience. 

Along these lines, Fox Network has just signed on to offer its programming on iTunes, following in the forward thinking footsteps of the original big three, ABC, NBC and CBS. But, unlike its granddaddy competitors, Fox is going bigger with its debut, offering 16 shows out of the gate. The 3 most notable, or at least popular shows, being “24”, “Prison Break” and FX’s “The Shield”, each for $1.99, starting Tuesday, May 9th. 

Other offerings include the Pamela Anderson comedy on Fox “Stacked”, FX’s “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”, “Black. White.” and “30 Days”, as well as the reality annoyance “Unan1mous” on Fox.

Buffy junkies, and I actually know too many to name, can get best-of classic “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, along with “Firefly” and…“Danger Will Robinson”, it’s “Lost in Space.”

Other programming from lesser known Fox entities include “Pinks” and “Unique Whips” from SPEED and the sports action reality series “First Hand” on FUEL TV.

Currently, some of the top TV shows on iTunes include “Lost,” “The Office” (The American version), “Desperate Housewives” and “South Park”.

And, of course, cable entities are also already in on the iTunes bandwagon, including Bravo, Showtime, SciFi, Comedy Central and USA.

NBA Offering
In other TV news this week, Apple has worked out a deal with the NBA to bring the 2006 Playoff season action to iTunes. Coverage includes game recaps for each of the remaining playoff games and finals being broadcast on ABC, ESPN, TNT and NBATV. For those that want to get all the action, complete replays of each and every Finals game, beginning on June 8 and aired on ABC TV will also be available within 24 hours of each game’s demise.

In addition, a “Follow Your Team” package will be available for $8.99, bringing you recaps and a season recap video of your favorite finals team. Here’s hoping your team lasts. The longer they remain in the game, the further your $8.99 will take you. 

Or, should be unable to decide where to place your fair weather fan flag, sign up for the “Finals” package for $5.99 and get replays of every Finals game.

Another NBA related highlights available include the Emmy Award winning TNT’s “Inside the NBA”

What’s next on the iTunes roster? Full-length movies? What might those go for? How well would your iPod battery hold up for that? 

Where do you want your TV entertainment? Is a big screen TV at home the ultimate in luxury, or do you prefer the small and mobile? Is entertainment everywhere? I just hope they don’t come out with a shower TV, otherwise I’ll have no day dreaming time left in my life at all.


  • Too late! The Sharper Image has had this for a while:

    .raymond had this to say on May 10, 2006 Posts: 1
  • But when are we going to get TV shows in the Australian iTunes store? We are about 10 episodes behind the US when it comes to Lost and believe it or not lots of us love watching the NBA here as well.

    It kind of goes for music as well. Quite often I find something in the US store that I can’t get in the Australian store that I would definitely buy.

    Until labels and the big networks sort this out torrents will continue to be the best option for us poor fool ‘down under’.
    I would rather fire up iTunes instead of Azureus but when our choices are limited you gotta do what you gotta do.

    serveblunted had this to say on May 11, 2006 Posts: 8
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