“Fake Steve” Has Been Revealed!

by James R. Stoup Aug 06, 2007

Today is a dark day. For today, that mysterious, insult-flinging, wise-cracking, infamous blogger “Fake Steve Jobs” has been unmasked. Yes, the innocence is gone and it took mystery and suspense with it when it left. Collectively they all got their coats and decided on the way down the elevator to share a cab. Ladies and gentlemen, it is official: Daniel Lyons is the man behind it all. If you are anything like me, the first question on your mind will be:

“Who the heck is Daniel Lyons?”

Actually, he happens to be an editor for Forbes. And he is the author of two books, “The Last Good Man” and “Dog Days.” I’m sure you can pick them up on Amazon if you’re really interested. Or, better yet, you could just read his blog. For Mr. Lyons’ “real” blog, head over here. Oh, and lest I forget, credit for the bust goes to Brad Stone of the New York Times.

Have no fear, faithful readers of FSJ, the Jobsmeister will continue on writing. But if you just can’t get enough of Fake Steve and desire to broaden your horizons as it were, check out these other “fakes”:

Fake Bill Gates—‘cause if Apple has a fake blog then you damn sure well know Microsoft has to have a fake blog
Fake Steve Ballmer—actually, 2 blogs would be even better
Fake Paul Thurrott—this is a great site because you get to see which persona will be more inane and pointless, Thurrott or fake Thurrott?
Fake Leo Laporte—listen to TWiT and skip this blog
Fake George Steinbrenner—we need this blog because clearly the Yankees don’t get enough play in the media
Fake Hilary Clinton—I can barely stand to listen to the real thing, I can’t imagine the fake version would be much better
Fake Peter Oppenheimer—okay, maybe Apple needs two blogs as well

I realize none of these are as good as the real thing, but they might provide you with a temporary diversion while we wait for the real fake Steve Jobs to come up with a new post. And yes, even though we mourn because the mystery is gone, at least we know that FSJ will continue to delight and insult many more people before his time is done. Nicely done, Mr. Lyons, I salute you.


  • I understand that people get a kick out of the “Fake Steve” humor… but what I don’t understand is how “Fake Steve” was apparently named one of the “Top 50 Who Matter” (Business 2.0 magazine) in the technology world.

    WTF? It’s a humor blog.

    Ironically, I used to get a free copy of Business 2.0 because of one of the professional associations to which I belong. I didn’t read it very often unless there was a specific article with content relevant to my work.

    They pretty much sealed the deal that I’d never read it again when they named a fake blogger one of the top 50 influences in technology.

    ... because everyone knows that all of our business and technology advances are a results of fake bloggers, right?

    Give me a break.

    vb_baysider had this to say on Aug 06, 2007 Posts: 243
  • I’m saddened that he was outed, Fake Steve

    wyspa had this to say on Oct 29, 2007 Posts: 9
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