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  • Aug 10, 2005
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  • Spelling mistakes and all!
    zoetrope had this to say on Aug 09, 2005 Posts: 5
    Mighty Mouse: Excrement Now Comes in White
  • This is the poorest written review of any hardware device I've had the displeasure of reading in quite some time. And before you get your little pink panties all tied in a knot Mr. Seibold by responding with venim, I too have misgivings about Apple's recent venture into mulit-buttoned mousedom. However, the simple fact that you seem to be unaware of "context sensitive menus" and Apple's 'control' key modifier as a substitution for the missing right mouse button of their one click Apple Pro Mouse wonder, should disqualify you immediately from writing Apple or Macintosh centric reviews again...EVER! This website in general has sunk to the bottom of a blog sewer. The endless rantings on second guessing Microsoft's business strategies as if there's still a 'peecee' war out there between Apple and M$ is just nothing but tripe. These zealot rantings are too numerous to waste time on. I thought this review might contain some pertiant and useful information. Instead, it contains nothing but uninformed drivel. I know that Stern and yourself think your being coy by inserting sly asides of cultural and geek references into your opinions, but instead they come off as disingenuous and affected. To whomever is the owner of this website, improve the quality of writing contained within this website soon or perish alongside the rest of the useless blog drivel that takes up valuable server space. I dare you to leave my comments in tact!
    zoetrope had this to say on Aug 09, 2005 Posts: 5
    Mighty Mouse: Excrement Now Comes in White
  • So here is the problem as I see it, and it's not with James' article. Microsoft has two, count 'em two, cash cows. They are the Windows' OSes, desktops and servers respectively, and their Office suite. That's it. For those that think that anything MS releases is successful, you're just plain wrong. Even the XBOX loses money on every console sold. The only thing that keeps MS where they are is the OS and Office, everything else just loses them money. So if one of the two cash cows start to show signs of trouble, then MS has a lot to worry about. And that's why James is correct, they are on a downslide. The hill they are on top of is so large and so steep that it will take a very long time for their downslide to even be noticed, but it is happening. They're cash rich, so they might be able to ride whatever decline they're on and not have to worry about it financially. I'm afraid that Windows is showing a case of "mad cow" disease, and those that eat of it are tainted. Enjoy!
    zoetrope had this to say on Jul 01, 2005 Posts: 5
    How Microsoft Will Die
  • Great chart Hywel. I wish my employer could produce flows this sane. Heck, I just bought a Power Mac Dual 2.7 last month. Now, my Power Mac will one of the fastest Macs around for at least the next two years. And I couldn't have said that if Apple had maintained its commitment to the PowerPC. Thanks Apple!
    zoetrope had this to say on Jun 09, 2005 Posts: 5
    Don't Wait For A MacIntel
  • Amen brother Seibold, can I get a witness? If anybody doubts Chris' analysis of Apple's future, carefully read the following sentence, it was spoken by the Steverino himself at the end of yesterday's WWDC keynote. "Because, more than even the processor, more than even the hardware innovations that we bring to the market, the soul of a Mac is it's operating system, and we're not standing still." And can Apple or maybe "Macintosh Software Inc." become a profitable entity all on it's own, absofrigginlutely! Spin off the iPod and all of Apple's hardware divisions and call it...Apple. Then the software divisions become "Macintosh Software" and produce a superior operating system, and Final Cut Pro for Mac OS X.whatever and Windows, iLife suite for both. Heck, even create direct competitive products to Adobe's CS suite. Even a competitor to Photoshop and Flash. iTunes that might work with iPod and other players? To some of the faithful though, this just brings up Brando's lament from Apocalypse Now..."the horror, the horror". To me, it finally means that a future Apple and Mac OS can spread it's wings and fly.
    zoetrope had this to say on Jun 07, 2005 Posts: 5
    Apple Computer: Software Only in Five Years