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  • Aug 26, 2005
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  • Nice article. Although, it’s been almost 20 years since we’ve realized this. Donald Norman pointed this out when he came up with phrases “Gulf of Evaluation” and “Gulf of Execution.” The “Gulf of Execution” refers to overcoming the barrier of getting computers to do what we want. The “Gulf of Evaluation” refers to overcoming the barrier of understanding what our computers are trying to communicate to us. See http://www.interaction-design.org/encyclopedia/gulf_of_evaluation_and_gulf_of_execution.html All computing devices (as well as other tools) have to overcome these barriers. And with computers, it’s even more difficult because they are typically designed to be general purpose devices, offering very few (if any) physical affordances to assist with a task.
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    The Mac Has Never Been User-Friendly
  • Should we start the Microsoft Death Knoll? Seriously, this article seems to be based on wishful thinking more than anything else that I can see. Microsoft took in $9.62 billion in revenue during the last THREE months. In the three months prior, they took in $10.82 billion! Most likely, it only takes the company a few minutes to earn your salary for the entire year. If the money pouring into Microsoft was instead pouring into a window in your house or apartment, it wouldn't take very long before you were crushed to death by its weight. Think about that for a second. In other words, Microsoft is a money making machine. Even if they aren't growing, I don't see any indication at all from their financial results that they are in any danger of dying. Over $3 billion a month... wow... I wish my company had Microsoft's problems.
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    How Microsoft Will Die