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  • Nov 06, 2005
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  • until the addition of the dock in os x, i would say that it would probably have been easier first sitting down at the windows computer. the start menu is relatively easy to navigate, vs on mac first having to know to click on the hard drive, then navigate all the lists of programs for the one you need. with os x though, i think apple has the edge imho. i put my parents on it because they have very little computer experience and were confounded trying to deal with popups and spyware. with the dock, they don't even have to navigate the hard drive. all the apps they use are right there in a simple, consolidated group. i have to admit, coming first from windows that it took me over 30 mins to figure out how to shutdown mac os 9. who would think that the shutdown command would be in the Special menu?
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    The Mac Has Never Been User-Friendly