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  • I'm so sad that I missed the whole Newton thing... Those were such cool years for everything technological.
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    April 4, 1990: Sculley Bets Big with the Newton
  • Hm... Parts of that Government (See "The country would not be a democracy in traditional terms, though those in power insist that everyone that lives there does so because they want to." and "Every two years, you could vote for your new iParliament. The ballot has a single question on it: Would you like to upgrade to the next Parliament? The only options are Yes or No. The new iParliament will be a little faster and have a few new policies, but will look a lot better. And it will be named after a cat.") sound awesome, but parts creep me out (See "The country would not be a democracy in traditional terms, though those in power insist that everyone that lives there does so because they want to." and "The citizens would be dressed in pastel colors, government workers (Geniuses) in white, and the benevolent dictator in black turtlenecks and jeans." and "Due to the secretive nature of the government, this will be one of few nations where the citizenry actively spies on their government. This is partly condoned and partly outlawed by the Apple leaders.") Great article, but a little disturbing... Of course, with the way things have been going in my home state's (CA) government lately, Steve Jobs just might become governor and then who knows what - Possibly president. Though I'm not sure I'd vote for him after reading this.
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    If Apple Ran Our Government
  • I'm extremely emotionally attached to my first Mac, an iMac G4. I've had that Mac forever, and I love it more than anything. It lost my Power Mac and it both lost their power sources in a surge and it was devastating -- I ended up replacing the power sources, but it was still a very, very hard time for me. I understand your pain... I think G4-era Macs are pretty much the best computers ever; They're good enough for any job I could ever need, from iMovie to InDesign, and the case design is beautiful. I wish Apple would make Intel iMacs with cases like the iMac G4, I'd buy one in a minute. And the Mirrored Drive Door Power Mac G4's rock! They accent my room perfectly... Anyways, I understand the tragicness of you loss and hope that you'll find another Mac to fill that gap in your life...
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    My Old iMac
  • Sadly, it's already happened where I live (LA Area). I can't go anywhere without someone referring to something other than an iPod an iPod. And the worst part is that, like #1 said, they capitalize it incorrectly so that it is an Ipod. Ihateit. Heck, I've even heard the guy in the electronics department at Target (Department Store) call a Zune an Ipod. Garr....
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    When is an iPod not an iPod?
  • iTunes 7 works fine for me -- my only complaints is that coverflow takes up a TON of ram and gapless playback can be annoying on songs that should be seperated.
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    Upgrading To iTunes 7:0? You Might Want To Wait
  • I use Incase's nano Wallet (the black one) for my 2GB white Nano. While it says it just has an ID card slot, folding a bill and sticking some other cards works for me, too. I can fit three or four cards plus a couple folded twenties in there. And it's not exactly girl style. That way I don't always have to remember a wallet and an iPod, which I'm not so good at. The sturdy design of the case makes it great for an everyday case, too -- My Nano rarely leaves its wallet. If I needed a more wallet-y and less case-y approach, I'd probably go for Marware's C.E.O.™ Billfold Wallet for iPod Nano, and I'm thinking that if I had a video I'd go for their C.E.O.™ Folio for iPod Video.
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    Review: PacificDesign Nano Uptown Clutch
  • For the school I work for, price is the main issue. The IT staff sure as heck doesn't know Windows. I've seen plenty of students surpass the IT Department's knowledge of MS products. But the price difference is too much -- why pay $1,000 per computer for a Mac plus however much it costs for them to buy the Anti-Virus and such software that, like #4 said, they think they need, when they can pay $500-$600? Apple needs to release documents showcasing the lower IT costs and extreme dependability that Macs give. I teach a small computer class, and there is almost always at least one computer down, sometimes up to five. Considering that there are already only 10 computers in the lab that I teach in, I can be guaranteed that there will be a few days in the school year when half of my class is without a computer! That's ridiculous! I truly wish that they would switch to all MacBooks and get it over with.
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    Mac Resurgence: Is it all About the Getting Along?
  • I now that I've already decided to switch this year to some free offerings -- for hosting, for file storage, flickr/picasa for photos, and my beloved gmail and google calendars for email and calendaring. As a student I just can't afford to keep renewing. Sorry, Apple.
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    .Mac Needs to Be Radically Retooled
  • I personally LOVE the dock. I think it's beautiful, and I run it on the right side because it feels more natural to go to then the bottom.
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    Ditch the Dock and Other Visual Clutter
  • Hmm... As far as the iPhone icon goes, check in the top-right corner of the 64-bit icon. What's that thing with a screen that's all black and has an iTunes-y logo covering it's lower region? I'm not so sure about the idea of an Apple IV. Mac Pro sounds a little better to me. I'm sure though that somewhere in Cupertino there's someone who can think of a better name than Mac Pro. But like Daevrojn said, that's just my opinion, and my job is to design stuff, not make up names for cutting-edge computers.
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    What's in a Banner?
  • Hmm...... I'd love life if I could, with a good conscience, vote option one. But secretly, deep down inside, I've always wanted option two to be a reality. I perform everything that I do in a "lowest-budget-possible" way. I still use my old iMac G4 because the money just isn't there for a new iMac or MacBooks (Pro or not). I would instantaneously fall in love with a low-end inexpensive Mac that I could afford to put on my desk. But then again, option two has it's downfalls aswell, namely support issue. Option two would create a mad house of problems. My previous work a Windows tech is what led me to be a Mac lover. I do like the Idea Hugmup put forward, though -- Option two, but with a strict compatibility list. That sounds like the best bet to me.
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    Do you want OS X with that PC?
  • I agree... I'm running OSX.4.6 w/ a 700MHz G4.... and only 384 MB ram.... Vista's going to have to match that (but, of course, witth an Intel chip) or better it for all the work to be forth it - that is, if Vista ever is officially finished.
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    Why Is Vista So Resource Hungry?
  • iTunes works fine for me... I have no issues with the restrictions, and I own a number of off-brand MP3 players. Personally, I think that the DRM is great. Imagine being the artist whose profit got cut in half when everybody decided to download... iTunes provides the perfect solution to this issue, and no truly comparable solution can be found.
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    Is Big Brother on Your iPod?
  • Very true, nicely written.... props...
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    Where's Apple's Gadget Explosion?
  • I'd buy it.. I'm currently running the latest version of OSX on a lampshade iMac with only about 380mgs of ram.. and a G$ processor... my machine is practically BEGGING for an upgrade, but it works for me, and I use apps like iMove, Adobe CS, Flash MX, etc... only 40gb HD, too. I would love to own my very own MacBook Lame!
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    Is There Room for a Really Cheap Mac?