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  • Aug 01, 2005
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  • Rapidweaver absolutely fits the bill as an iApp! It's the best website app out there right now! I too would love to see an iAnimator app. 2D preferably but 3D would be great also. I really like Animo from Cambridge Animation.
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    What's Next In The iLife Suite?
  • Hmmm.... Let's see....Apple, The Music Companies, and the Artists are still earning their $0.99 per song, more people can buy songs, and it didn't cost anyone anything. Where's the problem? I don't know why everyone is so hung up on DRM for low quality files in the firstplace? You can still go buy a CD with 10 times the quality with no DRM so what's the big deal if someone buys a low quality song with no DRM? Someone is still getting paid. I can go buy that same CD used for a third of the retail price and then Apple, The Music Companies, and the Artists won't earn a single dime. No DRM there. Besides, in 2003 DVD Jon already cracked the DRM for iTunes. That didn't seem to hurt sales did it? This is just crazy. Just forget the DRM already.
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    DVD Jon Versus The Tyranny of the iTunes Music Store
  • > still have to buy the CD on which you > burn the songs to lend to your friend. You > cannot lend the purchased music without > taking this additional step. > Posted by: C.K. > ...not only do you have to buy the blank CD, > but I'm pretty sure the ID3 tags won't > transfer. So when your friend puts the CD in > to rip it they'll end up with Track 1, 2, 3, etc. > Posted by: Hadley Stern So? You can still lend your friend a CD of digitally purchased music (even though it comes with DRM). I don't really see the problem here. Are you guys really that cheap and lazy?
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    The Problem with the iTMS DRM
  • > It's not like a CD that you can lend to a friend.'s EXACTLY like a CD. Buy your song, burn a CD, and lend it to your friend. No hacking required. Geeez, this stuff isn't rocket science.
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    The Problem with the iTMS DRM