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  • Jul 10, 2005
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  • The Mac platform is undoubtedly "user-friendly". The fact that someone has to "unlearn" something to learn something new... is pure nonsense. If one is already proficient with the PC, what on earth does he have to "unlearn" to use a Mac??? I'm saying that the majority of the human population in this world are idiots. OS for idiots... while not insulting the smart professionals... That's something impossible to create. But, Mac OS X tries very hard to please both ends. Windows makes people think that spyware popups are actually pre-installed in their PCs.
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    The Mac Has Never Been User-Friendly
  • pardon me for interupting... i'm just another guy owns a computer for websurfing. zero computer expertise whatsoever... [like most computer users] how would you like to think from my perspective? would you choose an XP to surf the web...? or a Mac...?
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    How Microsoft Will Die